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Hewsters ZMB K1R

2010 4x4

First off, thanks to everyone on the forum for the help. I have honestly never really done any work to a vehicle myself other than my bikes. Everyone has been helpful and patient.

I bought my FJ in 2010. I had a 2005 Mustang that I absolutely
(Supercharged, headers, exhaust, fiberglass hood, ducktail spoiler, hood pins and some other stuff as well, but no pics of it)

But.. it eventually pissed me off royally once I moved to VA. I
managed in NJ since it is relatively flat. However, when I was leaving
work in 2010 it took 40 minutes to make it up 1 mile of incline with minimal
light snow. I am a first responder, so it is imperative that I make I am able to make it to work no matter what the weather is like. For these reasons, I decided to get a 4x4.

At first I was thinking about a BMW X5 or Audi Q5 since I was going to go with "luxury." Then after some thinking,I wanted a real 4x4 that I could have some fun with and be able to travel on and through just about anything. Naturally, I was thinking of a Jeep at first, but when I test drove one I quickly shyed away from that. I always wanted a HUMMER, but the ones are disapponting at best. Then I decided to test drive the FJ. I was hesitant at first because I honestly hate the stock look of the FJ. However... I fell in love. The off-road capabilities it has coupled with the smooth ride amazed me. The MPG's aren't terrible and it has good pick up. It can do everything a Jeep can do, but still has a nice smooth ride... and is beefy as hell. When people ask me how it drives, I tell them to picture everything a Jeep can do, then combine it with the smooth ride of a Cadillac and that is an FJ.

Within the first week of owning the beast I started purchasing my mods. I am a MOD hoe (aren't we all at this point?) I just can't leave my vehicles stock.

My goals with this build:
  • Create a vehicle that will allow me to drive through any type of terrain or weather.
  • Provide me with a good means of "GTFO" in a disaster scenario.
  • Safe transportaion.
  • Provide enough cargo room for long trips.
  • Carry my work gear in a safe and secure manner.
  • Increase my fun factor on trails.
  • And of course.. look badass.


I initially had stuff done by shops. My suspension, wheels,
brushguard, and PIAA's were all installed by a shop.
The Brushguard I now realize I could have
easily done myself, but oh well. After getting my feet wet with my
running boards/step rails I started doing my own installs.


Phase 1.0
My first self mod was my Highland floor mats that have traveled with
me since my last 2 cars. I had them in my F250 and my Mustang as well.

The same night I bought the rig, I was on the internet searching for tires, wheels, brushguard and leveling kit. I was satisfied with these MODS then after a few months I decided I needed to get rid of the one thing I did not like about most FJ's, the white roof. So I painted the roof and all of the silver plastics Matte Black as well. At this time I also finally plugged the LED bulbs I had bought months prior into my mirror AUX lights. (had the dealership open them up for me)

After this, I put a Plano hardcase in the cargo area to fill with various supplies. I have wanted the Tuffy Security Drawer, but I keep spending the money on other toys. The Plano case is sufficing. I currently have it locked down with 2 chains, but am going to get some steel brackets and bolt it down further back in the cargo area. I do not like how forward it is sitting right now, leaving a void between the case and rear seats.

When I was at a class for work, I saw another FJ that looked badass with its Fender Flares, so I did some research and purchased the Bushwhacker Fender Flares.


Phase 2.0
The first thing I purchased for this MOD spree was predator bars from fst919 (a forum member here). This gave me a new found love for the forum btw, as the transaction was very smooth, a great deal, and he seems like an overall good dude.
I also bought the TRD Drop in, but I was not satisfied and saw the Airaid on Amazon for a good price, so I purchased that shortly after.
Installed both the Predator bars and the CAI at the same time. The Bars broke my one cheapo socket, so I bought some nice black chrome sockets and it popped right off.

I bought PIAA 520 Ion Crystal Fogs and put them on my brushguard and connected them to a factory AUX switch behind the light indicator lever. That week I purchased LED Dome Lights, LED License plate lights, PIAA Reverse lights, PIAA 4000k headlamps, and TRD Exhaust.

I had the TRD exhaust installed at the dealership since the OEM had to be cut off due to corrosion. I then immediately started working on all the lights. It is amazing how bright everything is and how much better I can see. I took the rig to a local construction site and had some fun with some rubble and dirt mounds. (I got the O.K. from the site manager. Just told me to stay away from certain areas). I also went a little west and went through some woodland areas.

I also finally disabled my DRL's... I hate those things.


Phase 2.5

Unichip. I notice a difference, and my MPG has slightly increased. Install was straight forward. It took me a while to unplug the ECU clips because it says not to force it.. and I tend to "goon arm things." After 5 minutes of nothing... I said screw it and gave it some umf and they pulled right out. Hardest part was trying to tuck the wires in the little space. I had to cut some of the OEM electrical tape so that I could stretch some of the wires to where I needed them to go.

next up Tuffy Center Console, and ARB recovery gear. They were necessary since the recovery gear I had was crap and I needed a spot to lock my firearm when I am doing something I need to take it off for. When the console came in, I padded it with some CPU noise dampening foam I had lying around. I also mounted a holster to the inside of the console as well.

The next thing I bought was tthe MPAC Side Rack. I mounted a small shovel, the Truckers Friend, The Annihilator, a fire extinguisher, and flashlight to it. I also installed a small window breaker/seat belt cutter above my AUX switch panel with velcro.


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Re: Hewsters ZMB K1R

Phase 3.0

I changed out my differential and transfer case oil to Amsoil Severe Gear. Man that old stuff was like mud and had some nice metal shavings in it.

I was going back and forth on which skid plates to go with. I was going to go with the Bud Builts since they have a nice oil filter access door. However, in the end, the light weight of the Ricochet skids won. I went with the HD Bash plate, Engine skid and Transmission skid.

Additional armor improvements includes Toy Outfitters Rear links which I painted red to match my front coils, Total Chaos front link mount armor, RockTek rear link mount armor, and Shock Mount armor made by FJToyman from the North Easters. I had to cut the RockTek armor with my dremel a bit to make them fit with the shock mount armor.

I decided I needed a CB so I could communicate with other FJ Bruisers while trail riding. It can get lonely knowing everyone else can communicate. I went with the Big Bill CB combo and upgraded to the 4' antenna, heavy spring and QD. I drilled into my rear door and ran the coaxial through the boot into the jack compartment. (Thank you Vegas Nick for the help and spare grommets).

I wanted to be able to monitor my MPG and the status of different components, so I went with the UltraGauge for the price and HUD. I also put some Spotters on my mirrors and installed a RAM iPod mount and RAM Phone mount.

At a Tech meet I had some help from FJ Bruisers, primarily FireRunner, installing my Toytec Ultimate 3” lift and Light Racing UCA’s. Also, thanks to Toyota of Dallas in DE for allowing us to use their bays for Tech meets. Also installed Spidertrax spacers and had a BMC done by Iron Mikes. Had to use a radiator support drop and sway bar relocator to be able to use my skids.

I have always wanted a snorkel, and went with the PRG. It took some time making the Sleeve fit over the AirAid CAI, but we got it to work with a mittle bit of muscle and a heat gun. (Thank you Chicken Chaser of the FJ Bruisers) The main concern was my Bushwhacker flares. My dremel made quick work of the flare, and it shaped up nicely. I used door trim to add a nice finished look. My first cut was a little too deep, so there is a small gab near the rear, but it will work.

I bought some Custom DOM kick out sliders made by a fellow FJ Bruiser 4Rocker. They are pretty slick, and are low profile. Also installed a Gobi ladder (whom btw have **** customer service... sorry. Took over a month to get someone to finally send me the brackets)

I used some LED strips below the doors (above the rock sliders) to illuminate the ground when I open the doors or unlock the doors with the remote. (Unlocking the doors or opening the doors. Thanks to Sebori for the help and idea). LED's are held in place with silicone and the wires are running through a gasket in the floor.

Got my 5th wheel and tire finally. Also got some spare OEM roof rack bars and installed the BAJA Rack Fuel Can holder on the OEM bars. Also installed a Springtail MPAC rack on the rear door (Thank you Sebori) and attached some bags, hi lift base, and a med kit. Attached my axe to the rear door with quick fists. Installed additional luggage d rings to the roof in place of the coat hangers and installed my Raingler cargo net.

I completed my submersion mods by installing FJNewbs SCUBA mod. I ran the breathers back and up into my jack compartment. I had to put some tape around the brackets because they were a bit sharp and I was afraid of the hose getting cut over time. Sealed the gaskets with silicone.

I received the HiLift Extreme and its accessories, and the AMI Locking Fuel door from my Fiance for Christmas. I bolted the Hi Lift to the rear floor space and installed the fuel door which is awesome.

I hooked up a splitter to run to my iPod through the dash and also to my Cobra 75 so that I can hear people on the trail well and still have my music.
I was going to run a wire to an AUX speaker above the rearview mirror, but I could not find any speakers that I like that did not require external power. I thought for a bit, then came up with the splitter idea. I must say, I really like it. Everything is crystal clear without having to constantly turn up and down the volume.

Installed dual Blizpro 21S's on a Tuffy Light Assembly, dual 6lZ ambers in grille, dual 6LZ in rear and OTTRATW Rockers

Upgraded my horns. Was tired of the meep meep.

I scavenged some 4 note horns off of a 1992 Buick (same GM horns used in old Cadillacs, DeVilles, and Fleetwoods.)

At first, I just used the stock wire to power the horns with an add a fuse within the line. I blew the fuse in the fuse box after 4 honks and when they did honk, it left something to be desired. I decided to ramp up the safety and power.

While I was at it, I decided to just keep my stock horn as well. Since I was trying to go louder, why the hell not?

I spliced the horn wire and ran a longer wire from it to the new location for the OEM horn, and a second wire to a Relay so it would act as a trigger for the new horns.

Ran the set up just like I would with any AUX lighting application, except I used 12ga wire and a 20A fuse for the 4 new horns. (The OEM horn is still on its 10a fuse).

I also finally installed my wire rock guards for my headlights in anticipation for my new bumper. I just used some silicone to adhere them to the grille while I had it off installing the horns.

Installed ricochet crossmember and transfer case skid, as well as an inchworm E Locker Guard.
FYI: The E Locker guard by inchworm has to be modified a little for 2010+. I had to elongate one of the bottom holes, and widen the top hole with a dremel.


Installed Blue Torch Fab Diff armor, Demello Aluminum Rally Bumper, Exp One windshield wiper fluid relocation kit, and chopped exhaust.


MODs list by Category

Pro Comp 2.5" Leveling kit
Toy Outfitters Rear Lower Link
ToyTec Ultimate 3" Adjustable Lift with Bilstein 5100's
Light Racing Upper Control Arms
Sway Bar Re-locator
Radiator support bracket drop
Differential Drop (Purchased)

17" American Eagle Series 140
285x75 Nitto Terra Grappler M+S
295x70 Nitto Trail Grapplers M/T
Spidertrax 1.25"
2 sets of Lug Lockers

Ricochet HD Front Bash Plate and Engine Skid Anodized Black
Ricochet Transmission Skid
Ricochet Transfer Case Skid
Ricochet Rock Blocks
Ricochet Cross Member
Inchworm Gear E-Locker Guard
Total Chaos Front Link Skids
Rocktek Rear Link Armor
FJ Toyman's shock mount armor
1.75" OD DOM Kick Out Rock Sliders (Custom made by fellow Bruiser, 4Rocker)
MOSS Wire Headlight Stone Guards
Aries Brushguard
Aluminum Demello Rally Bumper
Blue Torch Fabrications rear Diff Armor

Engine / Gear Performance
TRD Drop in Filter
Airaid CAI
Amsoil Severe Gear in both differentials and transfer case
TRD Performance Catback Exhaust
PRG Snorkel
FJNewbs SCUBA Driver Mod
Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease
Expedition One Windshield Wiper Fluid Relocator


Running Boards
Predator Step Bars
Bushwhacker Fender Flares - cut to fit snorkel
Matte Black Roof
Matte Black Plastics
OEM Roof Rack
Extra Roof Rack bars
4' Firestik II antenna with QD and Heavy spring
Bandi Mount
GOBI Ladder (Thank you fellow Bruiser Chicken Chaser)
Blind spot mirrors
Trico Neoform wipers
Body Mount Chop
AMI Locking Fuel Door
Tuffy Light Assembly Rack

FJammer Audio system with OEM Subwoofer
Highland Rubber Mats
Ultra Gauge
RAM iPod mount
RAM Phone Mount
Ellis Precision Stealth Black Knobs
Northwind windshield wiper heater
OTRATTW Zombie Apocalypse Rocker
OTRATTW Trunk Monkey Rocker
OTRATTW Zombie Targeting Rocker
3.5mm AUX splitter
3.5mm wire ran from splitter through dash into iPod
Cobra 75WXST CB with 3.5mm cord running to onboard speakers via splitter
Four Blue Seas USB Charging ports

Dual Blitzpro 21S' on roof
Dual Blitzpro amber 6LZ's in bumper
Dual Blitzpro 6LZ on rear
PIAA 520 Ion Crystal Yellow Fogs on bumper
PIAA 4000k Headlamps
PIAA Extreme White Reverse Lights
Putco Stick LED White Mirror Lights
48 SMD LED Dome Lights
16 LED License Plate Lights
Disabled DRL's
Ground Lights for when doors open (fellow FJ Bruiser - Sebori's mod - R.I.P. buddy)

ARB Snatch Strap
ARB Tree Saver
ARB Tow Strap
ARB 3/4 D Shackles
Black and Decker Electromate 400
Hi Lift Extreme
Hi Lift Base

Truckers Friend
Dead On Annihilator
Tire Repair Kit

Tuffy Center Console
Locked Plano Hard case with Gear
MPAC HD Side Rack w/ Quick Fists
MPAC Rear Door Rack
4 Deutsche Optik 20L Jerry cans w/ spout
4 Scepter MFC's
Baja Rack fuel can rack
Raingler Cargo Net

1992 GM Four Note horns in conjunction with Stock Horn. (5 total horns)
Fire Extinguisher
Comprehensive First Aid Kit (Rescue Masks, Israeli Bandages, Touniquets, DuoDote, Sterile skin staplers, etc.)
Reflective Triangles
Comprehensive Survival kit (food, water, cooking supplies, maps, compass, fire starting equipment, etc)
Window breaker/seat belt cutter
60m 9.8 Dynamic Dry Climbing Rope
Raingler Cargo Net

Zombie chasing stick figure family
Hyrulian seal
Gears of War
M4/Do Work
Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle
FJ Bruiser Member
Sage Dynamics Sticker
5-1-11 America Never Forgets

Genuine Toyota Synergy Hybrid
War Rocket Black on Nickel Zombie Badge
FJ Bruiser Badge
Trail Teams

Future Mods
Rear Swingout
Tuffy Cargo Storage Drawer
MAF AUX Fuel tank
Ricochet control arm guards


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Re: Hewsters ZMB K1R

Looks nice! So you like the unichip? I have been thinking of trying it

'07 Voodoo Blue/6MT/Roof Rack/Towing Package/ALL-PRO-Front Bumper w/Prerunner Light Bar, Rock Guards, Full Skid Plates, High Clearance Exhaust, Ultimate Lower Skids/Metal Tech Rear Bumper/ICON Ext. Travel Remote Reservoir Front-Rear PiggyBack Reservoir Shocks-Shin Guards/aFe Pro-Guard 7 CAI/Doug Thorley Headers/Garvin Trail Rack/KC Daylighters/BFG AT/KO's 315x70x17 Tires/17 inch Steel Wheels/Magnaflow Exhaust/Man-A-Fre Extended Brake Lines/M-Pac Rear Mount/Power Tank/Manik Taillight Guards & Roof Rack Light Bar/Light Racing Adjustable UCA/Safari Snorkel/SCUBA Mods/Toy Outfitters Rear Upper Control Arms, Rim Stiffeners/URD Short Shifter/Timbren Bumpstops/Baja Rack, + a butt load more mods..
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Re: Hewsters ZMB K1R

Thanks. I look at these other threads and it makes me want to up up up up upgrade.

Ya I am liking the unichip. Def a noticed gain for me in both power and MPG. I was surprised to see that I got more out of a fill than previous fills considering my pedal does not like to stay off the floor for some reason. The gains are not HUGE, but it makes a difference.. at least in my head. And that's all that matters right?

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Re: Hewsters ZMB K1R

Filled up the cans. Ricochet plates should be here next week. By the end of the year I should have my links, link skids, FJNewbs SCUBA mod, Ellis shifters, and DO Bumper
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

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Re: Hewsters ZMB K1R

Coming along nicely!
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Re: Hewsters ZMB K1R

Looks great! Let the Mod Bug bite....It eats me alive


The Crack Rock Toyeti- 2010 "almost stock"... SOLD to Colin
The Build-->http://www.fjcruiserforums.com/forum...ck-toyeti.html

The Epic Adventure-->http://www.fjcruiserforums.com/forum...adventure.html

The GTR Build- Meet Zim---> http://www.fjcruiserforums.com/forum...-meet-zim.html
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Re: Hewsters ZMB K1R

G'day hewster,
Good looking rig, and the build is coming alone nicely ....
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Re: Hewsters ZMB K1R

What paint did you use on the roof? Did you do it yourself?


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