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Toyota FJ Cruiser Forums Site Functions This section contains Toyota FJ Cruiser News, Polls as well as site rules, etc.

Toyota FJ Cruiser News

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Toyota FJ Cruiser Polls

These are for polls related to the Toyota FJ Cruiser or the Website. Only Administrators and Moderators may post new topics in this area.
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Newbie Town

Introductions & New Arrivals

New to FJCruiserForums? Come on in and tell us about yourself. Just get your new FJ? Post about it in here!
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Newbie Discussions

A flame free zone
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FJ Cruiser Technical Articles & Buyers Guides

How-To Technical Articles

This is an extensive READ-ONLY compilation library of popular and informative “how to” articles for the FJ Cruiser. To submit or nominate a new Technical Article, please do so in the "Tech Articles Staging Area" section.
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Buyers Guides & Product Comparisons

This is a READ-ONLY compilation of Buyers Guides and Product Comparisons. To submit or nominate a new article for this area, please do so in the "Tech Articles Staging Area" section.
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Tech Articles Staging Area

All articles which are not finalized should be started in here.
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Toyota FJ Cruiser Discussion

General Discussion

This area contains general discussion regarding the Toyota FJ Cruiser that does not fit into the other technical discussion forums.
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I'd Like to Tell Toyota...

This is for constructive suggestions to be made to Toyota regarding the FJ Cruiser. This is a flame free forum and heavily moderated.
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Camping Equipment

Camping equipment - tents, stuff at camp, etc.
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Emergency Preparedness

This forum is for discussions of emergency preparedness, including wilderness first aid and survival, emergency communication, search and rescue operations, natural disasters and general self-sufficiency.
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Misc. Technical Discussion

For all technical info that doesn't have a category
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Member Build Ups

Section for members to post their FJ buildups.
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4x4 / Off-Road Tech

This section contains all discussion related to taking the FJ Cruiser in Off-Road situations, 4x4 applications and any armor modifications.
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4x2 Discussion

This area is for discussion about the 4x2 equipped FJ Cruisers
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Engine Performance

This forum is for discussion on gas, oil, exhaust and all things engine related.
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Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids

This area is for discussion, questions and problems with the FJ Cruiser's gear train, including topics on A-TRAC, VSC, locking diffs, gear ratios, manual vs. AT, etc.
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Maintenance Tech

This forum is for discussion of all aspects of maintenance that should be performed on the FJ Cruiser to keep it operating at maximum efficiency.
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Interior / Exterior Visual Tech

This section contains discussion related to visual modifications of the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Some items might include dash kits, roof rack modifications and other visual modifications.
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Stereo / Electronics / Electrical

If you have a topic that deals with the electronic components, stereo, etc. then post it in here.
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Suspension / Steering Tech

All suspension and steering related topics belong in this subforum.
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Wheels and Tires

This section is for discussing the different wheel and tire options for the FJ Cruiser!
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Trailers and Towing Tech

This sub-section is the place to discuss all things trailer and towing related.
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Problems / Dealer Service

If you are having a problem with your FJ or want to discuss a visit to the service department, post it here.
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Dealer Negotiations/Test Driving

This area is for purchasing help, dealer negotations as well as test driving impressions.
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Picture/Media Post

If you have any pictures or movies which feature the Toyota FJ Cruiser please post them in this section, or in the Toyota FJ Cruiser Photo Gallery
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Toyota FJ Cruiser News Articles

If you see the Toyota FJ Cruiser featured in a news article, tell us about it here! Make sure to provide a link to the news article as well.
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Photo Contest This forum contains both the theme of the month, as well as the voting polls. Winner announcements will be on the home page of the forum.

Photo Contest Theme of the Month

Here is the announcement for the photo contest theme of the month. Please make suggestions here for future themes as well.
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  • 327K

Photo Contest Voting Poll

This is where you will find the voting poll each month for the photo contest.
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  • 269K

Past Photo Contest Winners

Here is an archive of previous photo contest winners
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Trail For off roadin'

Trail Runs/Get-Togethers

Going offroad? Post it up here!
52.4K 3.6M
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  • 3.6M

Trail Report/Photo Section/GPS Coordinates

Been offroad with your FJ? Tell us about it and post up any photos or GPS coordinates so others can possibly follow in your footsteps!
22.2K 2.9M
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  • 2.9M

Trail Navigation Files

This is a resource for trail navigation files.
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  • 2.3K
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National Get Together

Private area for planning of a national FJCruiserForums get together.
308 5K
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  • 5K


This forum is for all discussion involving the AllCal annual event
281 92K
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Thrill On The Hill

This section is dedicated to the Thrill On The Hill FJ Cruiser rally and get together held in Ruidoso, NM
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  • 239K

Land Use Action Forum

A place for information on land closures and what you can do about them.
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Expeditions This section is for Expeditions only.

Planned Expeditions

This is for upcoming expedition announcement and planning
4.9K 630K
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  • 630K

En Route or Completed Expeditions

This is for reports and photos from the road or of completed expeditions
4.2K 679K
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  • 679K

Expedition Specific Equipment

If it is unique or integral to Expeditions, it should be discussed here.
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Buy/Sell Section

Transaction Feedback for Buyers/Sellers

Objective feedback on transactions go here.
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  • 720K

Vehicles For Sale

Vehicles for sale. NO DEALERS! You must list a price, contact info and your location. Check this thread regularly and respond accordingly.
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  • 9.1M

Vendor Deals & Group Buys

This is a forum for vendors only to conduct group buys and post notices for special deals . Users are not permitted to start threads in this area.
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  • 6.4M

Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)

List items you are looking for to buy
35.8K 4.2M
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  • 4.2M

Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)

List items that you desire to sell. More than one of the same item, or sale for continual profit entails the need to become an vendor. Please pm an admin to find out how. List a price and post your location. (no Non-Supporting Vendors allowed)
133K 22.6M
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  • 22.6M

Non FJ classifieds

This is where you can list single items for sale that are non FJ Cruiser related. Multiples of any item or sale for continual profit entails the need to become a vendor. Please contact an Administrator to find out how. (no dealers allowed)
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Give Aways

List items that you wish to give away
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Wanted for Free

854 185K
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Toyota FJ Cruisers For Sale (ebay)

This section is automatically populated with Toyota FJ Cruisers for sale on ebay.
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  • 492K

Toyota FJ Cruiser Parts For Sale (ebay)

This section is automatically updated with auctions on ebay that contain Toyota FJ Cruiser parts for sale.
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Vendor Member Section This section is for vendors that help support our website. If you are interested in becoming a supporting vendor, please email [email protected]

Vendor Deals

183 41.9K
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  • 41.9K

369 209K
  • 369
  • 209K

Discount Tire

2.1K 719K
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  • 719K

Diode Dynamics

838 220K
  • 838
  • 220K

Expedition One

2.8K 856K
  • 2.8K
  • 856K

JTS Parts & Accessories

623 239K
  • 623
  • 239K

Red Rock Motors

65 5K
  • 65
  • 5K

Rock Auto

66 37.8K
  • 66
  • 37.8K


941 224K
  • 941
  • 224K

Toyota of Cool Springs

45 6.9K
  • 45
  • 6.9K

Underdog Racing Development

536 228K
  • 536
  • 228K

Warn Industries

6 251
  • 6
  • 251
Community Help Section

Community Help

12.6K 1.3M
  • 12.6K
  • 1.3M
Regional Forums

North East Region

20.1K 2.1M
  • 20.1K
  • 2.1M

North West Region

32.5K 3.3M
  • 32.5K
  • 3.3M

Mid West Region

24.9K 2.3M
  • 24.9K
  • 2.3M

South East Region

43.1K 4.2M
  • 43.1K
  • 4.2M

South Central Region

17.3K 1.7M
  • 17.3K
  • 1.7M

South West Region

70.2K 7.1M
  • 70.2K
  • 7.1M

Norcal Region

Regional forum for the Northern California area.
15.2K 1.6M
  • 15.2K
  • 1.6M

Socal Region

Regional forum for the Southern California area.
46.6K 3.9M
  • 46.6K
  • 3.9M


For the Lonestar State
66.4K 5.5M
  • 66.4K
  • 5.5M

Canadian Forum

13.9K 2.1M
  • 13.9K
  • 2.1M


4.5K 1.3M
  • 4.5K
  • 1.3M

Middle East

79 20K
  • 79
  • 20K

South Africa

66 60.8K
  • 66
  • 60.8K

International Forum

1.6K 454K
  • 1.6K
  • 454K

The Islands

This forum is pertaining to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands, The Carribean, The Dominican Republic, etc ... all satellite bodies of land off the coast of the United States.
435 164K
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  • 164K
Imported content


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