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Re: Provide a wiring port to the roof

FJR Colorado previously said: View Post
5150: Interesting line of work! How do you typically handle all that wire traffic? Is there some sort of master port access you install?
Typicly, we just drill a hole right under where the harness for the light bar is, instert a hard rubber, or PVC pipe though the hole and pass the light bar harness though that, and silicone so there's no moisture. Ther purpose of the PVC pipe is that on many lightbars, there might be more than one harness (If the light bar has an opticom for example) and it just makes for a cleaner install. Been doing this for years, and never had a leak. (knock on wood)

layonnn previously said: View Post
5150, i was't referring to pre-wiring anything. Rather, making it easier to hook up something via a hole already up there.
Ahh ok, gotcha. This could be a good idea for those afraid to drill any holes. Only problem i see if some jerk off walking by someones rig and removing the plug for there own personal sic version of a joke. No fun to wake up in the mourning to find a wet FJ interior.

AWSM FJ previously said: View Post
I Unbolted The Front Roof Rack Post, Drilled A Hole Under It In Line With The Rack Tube Put A Groument In Roof . Drilled A Hole In Tube Ran Wiring Through Tube And Through Groument Into Cab Reinstalled Rack Mount , The Plastic Mount Provides The Water Tight Seal. I Have Not Had A Leak Yet. If You Do This Be Careful The Air Bag Is Right There. So Pull Head Liner Enough To See Where Your Hole Is Drilled I Also Ran A Ground From Inside Cab Through Groument To Roof Rack And Grounded Rack My Lites Are Grounded To Rack. Reseal Bolts With Sealant. The Hardest Part Was Reinstalling Plastic Mount To Tube Before Bolting Down.if Any Questions Contact Me
This is exactly what i did for my roof rack lights.

FJ Wolf previously said: View Post
One would think that the biggest concern folks have is the actual drilling of the roof. I know that is one of my biggest concerns and when I mounted my amateur radio antennas on my xterra roof, it took me nearly a year to work up the courage to pop the 3/4" holes for my NMO mounts. After you do it the first time tho, it's old hat and you'll drill anything, anytime... even on your vehicle.
Yup. Drilling into a roof is no big thing anymore. Done it so much it i wouldn't even think twice about it if it needed to be done. But i can understand how some would be hesatant....
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