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Re: Utah FJ Owner looking for other Utah FJ owner to plan Fall time Rubicon trip with

MissFJ previously said:
Don't forget about the plethora of owners that are already in NorCal!

Is that video a step-by-step instruction? Not to scare people away and drive down confidence, but the only way I would take my rig there as a stock vehicle is if Bill Burke was with me. Even with a lift and 33's, I'd only go with a Rubicon "Pro".

If my stuff is done by then, I'll go with you. Even if it's not done...I'll still backpack in with you
Not instruction lol. more destruction. I used to drive a pretty well equiped TJ and the Video features some friends from Tera Mfg. Both tapes do however cover each obstacle and none of the rigs was set up any better than my old one. In fact one of them is a stock 00 TJ. I want some armor underneath first but a bit of finesse and good judgment about which bypasses to take should get me through. I don't cry at sheetmetal mods and fortunatly have had very few of them over the last 15 years of doing this stuff. I'll have had the FJ on Hell's Revenge and PS/Gldn Spike/Gold bar by then. That'll give me a better idea of how brave to be with the bypasses available through the sluice and stuff.

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