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Re: Saturday 12/12 trail run.

FooFoo previously said: View Post
Wow, that is oh-so-very-cool. I can't wait to pop my cherry and take my FJ on a trail. Work has been keeping me busy on the weekends, and I can never join in on this. And when I didn't have work this weekend, I didn't check the site to know about this. I missed out. Oh well... Mine is a all stock one and I don't know if it could have done the rocky part of the trail I think... Great pictures by the way!
FooFoo you would be surprised how well a stock FJ will do offroad. Keep your eyes on the local threads and hook up with these guys. They are great with newbs and will help you to learn your rig. Dont shy away because you havent gone on trails yet. The best way to learn is with experienced wheelers. I have gone on a few trails with the guys from the forum and they are always willing to help a new guy out. Now is the time of year to do it. The snow runs in your FJ are always a blast. Have fun, See you in the snow!


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