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Daystar lift installed... must read if installing in home garage, **TIP**

Installed in my garage using my hand and air tools. One jack, and two of my 4SUV (tall) jackstands, one $11 harbor freight spring compressor, and one 7$ harbor freight 3 way puller. (for upper ball joints)
Also, no help. Nadda. Just me and my two hands.

Front install went smoothly, sure, its a pain in the butt, but it went fine. Took 3 1/2 hours.

Rear, yea... it gave me problems. How the heck are you suppose to get that spring back in there with no pry bar? EVEN IF you had a pry bar, I cant see how it can be done with that new spacer. I couldnt push the axle down far enough, and the spring is just too dang long with the spacer. MAJOR pain in the arse.

I havnt read of anyone doing this, so I thought I'd mention it. If your doing this install in your garage, do this for the rear end:
Disconnect the rear brake line bracket on the drivers side (one 12mm bolt).
On the pass side there is a few wires running inside a plasic protector probably for the rear lock or ATRAC, just pull down on the upper metal bracket to give a little more play.
Place the flat bottom of your shiny new bottle jack on the drivers side axle, and crack that sucker up so that the top contacts the upward bump stop. You can even crank the little jack enough with your FINGERS to get the axle low enough so that the spring and spacer just slip right into place. Lower bottle jack making sure spring is seated properly.
Repeat on passenger side. (pass side axle needs to be cranked a little lower, still a piece of cake)

The springs go in with little effort with the assistance of the little bottle jack your FJ came with to push down on each side of the axle. Works like a charm and took me about 10 minutes to finish once I did this.

I know people have done this method before for similar applications, but Its just a good reminder that it can be done for a very easy installation of the rear spacer/spring.

FJ looks awesome! Its so dang dirty from Pismo beach, it just looks mean with the roof KC's and lift, and mud terrains and all the filth all over it....

edit> total installation time including a 10 minute dinner was 5 hrs and 40 minutes.
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