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Re: dealership wants more money 10 days after sale???

johndeeremale previously said: View Post
thanks for the quick responses! the dealership called for payoff that night, but they are telling me that payoff wasnt correct because it costs the dealership more money to payoff the car than it would have for me.
What? If you owe 10k on a car, whether you pay the 10k or your uncle joe pays it or a dealership... you owe 10k. Have them explain in detail how it costs them extra to pay it off. $1500 seems like a giant amount for them to be off and also seems fishy that it costs a dealership $1500 extra to pay it off. If the amount is anything other than a payoff amount, tell them to pound sand. Sounds more like they are trying to get extra profit out of the deal.

You should be able to check the payoff amount from Ford financial yourself so you'll have the numbers to work with.
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