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Re: Mean Green

I somehow lucked out and made it on the cover for FJC Mag. Thank you Shane for letting me be on the cover of your magazine I am truly honored. Also thank you for the framed copy of the cover it will be something that Iíll treasure forever.

I really like the classic and utilitarian look of the factory steel wheel. I was able to trade my factory alloys to tisilverFJ in exchange for a set of factory steelies.

In keeping with the whole theme of having an expedition worthy vehicle that would get me home safely I turned my focus to communications. I have a cell phone and a wireless internet card, but those items donít do much good when you are truly deep in the mountains. I pieced together a CB system similar to the Big Billís FJ combo, but went with a Wilson Silver Load on a Bandi mount. Then came along 1911, Shane 4x4, Mountain Man among others telling us of the benefits of HAM over the CB. What really hit home was Shane 4x4ís did a demonstration on the difference between both.
Can be seen here in post 51:

I wanted them to both be accessible and not look cluttered. I opted to buy a MPAC straddle to mount everything on. Here are a few pics.

You can see the full HAM install here:

I noticed after I lifted the FJ its road manners became worse. The FJ would float on the highway and would become upset whenever I went over a bump. I called up Doug at Toytec and had him send me a set of Light Racing UCAís. After I installed these it allowed the alignment to get back into factory specs and corrected much of the problem. I decided to paint them silver to try and match the Toytec shocks, itís not perfect but it is close.

For the breather mod I opted for FJNewb Scuba Drivers Mod as see here.

It is a very nice kit that utilizes very nice components.
Under hood breather line

Rear Diff all plumed

Finally all ran into the manifold

So after getting the Springtail MPAC saddle I was hooked on their products and decided to order the rear side combo was well as the rear door combo. I also ordered a Source CO2 tank from trdpart4u and mounted it to the side rack. Anyone on the fence about ordering MPAC stuff just go and get it. With the FJís limited space it comes in handy, organized, looks great and is a quality made product.

Ever since I was a little kid and first saw a truck with a snorkel on it I knew I would have to own a vehicle with a snorkel on it someday. The FJ was perfect for this. It was actually one of the first things I wanted to do, but with the changes in the intake to the 2010 I was hesitant to do it. I already had been the guinea pig with the lift and Budís skids I thought I would let someone else figure the snorkel out, especially since it mean drilling a 4 inch hole in my FJ. And I would like to thank Lost Souls for confirming that the Safari Snorkel does fit the 2010, with small modification. I love the looks of it, and I can cross off a childhood fantasy off my list.

After running some trails I noticed that my rear lower control arm mount and rear shock mount were starting to look a little rough so I added some skids to them as well. We had to use a ram to open up the shock skids a little as they werenít big enough to go around the Bilsteins, after that they went on just fine.

I hope you have enjoyed my build of Mean Green. In the future I will be adding some fog and aux lights, winch and bumper, and God know what else. I would like to thank the forum for all of the support and ideas.

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