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Re: Traded in the 4Runner...


My dad bought a brand new '59 VW while I was a wee one. We were at relatives for Christmas, it was raining like crazy when it was time to go. No one in sight anywhere and good neighborhood. Dad took me out to the car to warm it up. He fired it up and let it idle and he popped the front trunk, then thru some food leftovers in there and put the trunk down without locking it. We ran back in the rain to get the presents to take home, and back out the car a few moments later, and the friken spare tire is gone from the trunk--food left behind. Blew me away even as a pre-schooler. Dad and I owned lots of VWs in following years, and it became a custom of ours to buy a short piece of chain, bolt it to the gas tank flange, and run it thru the tire with a padlock.

Tire jerks everywhere, and throughout time.....

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