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Re: I would like to tell Toyota to build some better off road wheels

Fly Jester previously said: View Post
I'm sure the rim is fine, but how about your tires? I personally would never go that low in psi. I'm sure your buddy has pro-stickies on his buggy, and from what I can tell in your pic you do not have tires that are made to run at such low pressures. 18 psi is the lowest I have ever dropped my pressure while playing in Moab and have never had a problem with traction. You might want to give your sidewalls a good examine for some wear and tear. $.04

Actually my tires are fine. No cracks, no cuts, no problems. They are Cooper Discoverer STTs and have done quite well.

You are probably right. I didn't need to go that low. But this thread is about wheels, not tires or psi, and I thought this was a good example of wheel performance.

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