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Re: I would like to tell Toyota to build some better off road wheels

katekebo previously said: View Post
The wheels that come with the Off-Road Package are very good. They are well protected from scratches by the wide, high profile stock tires (265/75-16).
I am running 285/75/16 tires and find the wheels still get nailed when attempting ascents on large wet rocks. Granted that the majority of FJs will not be challenged like this, it would be nice if the factory had some more serious off road wheels.

The best they offer are the "steelies" which can withstand contact with rocks much better than alloy wheels. I went with aftermarket steel wheels as I wanted a wheel that was a little wider to handle wider tires. I had fun trying to find and eliminate steering wheel shake with these aftermarket wheels. Road Force balancing changed weights (amount and locations) and also found a defective tire. Rebalanced wheels were carefully centered on hub and problem solved.

I will be repairing my factory alloys and painting them black so I can throw on a set of "dress shoes" if I want.
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