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Re: Replacement Headlights - Will 7" round fit

Blue Demon previously said: View Post
I think it's great that the OP is doing all this work. I've been contemplating doing this myself. I also like the potential cosmetic improvements.

Glad to see the starboard worked out for you. If you want to get those rings cut more uniform, next time, let me know and I'll cut some and ship them to you. I have the proper tools to make them real clean.
Your on! There are a couple of tight spots though that I have had to hand contour that make it a slow process. Spacing is also an issue from the light to the board. I am trying to keep the light as close to the original cover as possible so light is not 'waisted' behing the bezel of the grill - which will happen if they are mounted too far back.

Lots of little issues to work out, then probable one more test to refine it all.
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