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re: The NEW Complete Lift Listing and Comparison, They're All Here! UPDATED!

Low Range Off Road

Type: Spacer lifts and coilover lifts in 2 & 3" options

KITS: Spacer lift

Price: $237.00


Kit Details: Solid CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Spacers with pre-installed Grade 10.9 Metric studs, and flanged nuts with 14mm head like the factory to ensure that there will be no problems down the road. High grade Rear Polyurethane spacers Designed to provide a 1.5" lift from stock. Includes a differential drop to keep the Constant Velocity Joint boots from tearing, and to keep the CV Joints from premature wear from the increased angle. Applications include: 2003-2012 Toyota 4Runner, 2007-2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Low Range Off Road is also a dealer of other lift companies.

Notes: Allows for up to a 33" tire with the factory wheels. This will not work on 03-09 4Runners Equipped with XREAS type suspension. This WILL work on 2010-2012 4Runners equipped with KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System).

MaxTrac Suspension

Kit: Front Strut Spacers, Diff Drop Kit, Front 2WD Spindles

Price: 2WD Spindles - $540 ; Front Spacers - $104 (2WD)-$133 (4WD) ; Front Spacers w/ Diff Drop (4WD) - $144


Details: Though the options offered from MaxTrac aren't extensive they do offer an affordable "lift" (leveling kit - if you'd call it that) which only includes the front strut spacer made from steel and aluminum differential drop kit for 4WD models. The unique product offered from MaxTrac is their 2 Wheel Drive specific front spindles which are pretty beefy. They claim they are " 4" lifted " and made from solid iron and can be run with a stock suspension set up or with lifted applications. These allow for 33" tires to be run and there is apparently an increase in ground clearance, but again, this is only for 2WD FJs.

Metal Tech 4x4 - FJCruiserForums Supporting Vendor

Type: Rear long travel kits

Price: Rear Long Travel Kits - $1,055-$1,974 ; Rear Upper/Lower Links - $260-$655 ; Bump Stops - $70-$80 ; Rear Long Travel Coils - $235-$280 ; Ext. Rear brake Lines - $65


Kit Details: Metal Tech 4x4 sells a range of suspension products from different companies (Icon, Ironman 4x4, Outpost Off road, Radflo, Total Chaos, Light Racing, Old Man Emu, Sway Away, TJM) but their personal claim to fame has been their very own rear long travel kit. This kit is offered in Stage 2 to Stage 5 variations. One can choose either 2" diameter long travel Radflo or Icon shocks for the kit or can upgrade to 2.5" diameter external reservoir Icon or Radflo long travel shocks. The rear coils on this kit come in "medium" or "heavy" spring rates depending on the weight in the rear end of the vehicle. All these kits include Metal Tech's 3" aluminum bump stop extensions and extended brake lines to allow for full suspension travel. The Stage 4 & 5 kits also include Metal Tech's lower rear links. What is neat is Metal Tech's unique progressive rate springs where the bottom half the coil is rated at 250lbs of spring rate and the upper portion is at 105lbs of spring rate, so with this combination the spring can stay in it's compressed position at ride height but expand out to it's full free height on down travel. These kits advertise a full 27.5" of wheel travel which is 7.5" more than an Old Man Emu setup.

Metal Tech also offers for individual purchase rear upper and lower links, extended brake lines, rear bump stop extensions, a body mount chop kit, and their rear long travel coils. And another note is that some of the Icon full lift kits they offer come with the addition of Metal Tech's lower links or with their rear long travel kit. Some kits also swap out the Icon tubular UCAs or billet aluminum UCAs with Light Racing UCAs as to still maintain quality performance of the lift but reduce costs. Some of the Radflo kits offered also include Metal Tech's upper and lower rear links.

Notes: Recommended tire size is 285/75R16, with a 16x8 wheel with 5" backspacing.

Old Man Emu

Type: Standard and Adjustable Coilover Suspension Systems

KIT: Standard: Front and rear shocks and springs; BP-51: Front and Rear External Reservoir Coilovers and Shocks

Price: $848.00-$3,000


Kit Details: Old Man Emu is ARB's suspension line and they describe their suspension as having a "Euro-sport feel with exceptionally responsive handling." They now have 2 styles of lifts, their older standard suspension lift kits include nitro-charged shocks for the front and rear shocks, and front and rear coils, all made in Australia. Depending on the vendor you can find these lift options in different styles including light, medium, and heavy configurations designed to handle different amounts of weight from stock FJs to heavily modded FJs (ie: bumpers, rood rack tents, gas tanks, etc.) And now OME has released their new line of BP-51 shocks (bypass 51mm is what BP-51 means). These are up to date, adjustable, external reservoir shocks and coils designed for durability and customization. Even the rear shocks are adjustable to give the driver their own desired "feel". These new suspension kits are only designed for 2010 and up FJs however.

Pro Comp

Type: Suspension Lifts

KITS: 3" Stage1 Lift and 6" Stage 1 & 2 Lift Kits

3" Lift

Price: $562.99


Details: Pro Comp's 3" lift kit does not have any adjustabilitly as with an adjustable coilover but it does include ES6000 front spring seat shocks for and ES9000 shocks for the rear suspension. Also included are coil springs for the front and rear as well as sway bar relocation brackets and other related hardware. Shock boots however are not included.

Notes: Recommended maximum tire size is a 33x12.50, max wheel size is 17"+, wheel width range between 8"-9", and backspacing between 4" to 4.75".

6" Lift.

Price: Stage 1 - $1,907.99 ; Stage 2 - $2,919.99


Details: Pro Comp's 6" lift comes in either a Stage 1 or Stage 2 variation. For the front suspension, the Stage 1 has a large spacer to be used with the factory struts while the Stage 2 kit uses Pro Comps MX2.75 coilovers. For the rear shocks of the Stage 1 kit, it has ES9000 Shocks while the Stage 2 has MX6 Adjustable Shocks. Other than those differences the kits are basically the same. This kit does require cutting and welding to be installed. The individual Explorer Pro Comp Coil Over and rear MX-6 shock can be purchased as well for lifted applications.

Notes: Max Tire Size: 35X12.50 ; Wheel Size Range (Inch):18+ ; Wheel Width Range (Inch):8-9 ; Min-Max Backspace (Inch):4.0-4.75

Radflo Suspension Technology - FJCruiserForums Supporting Vendor

Type: Coilovers w/ or w/o reservoirs, shocks, and spring suspension kits or individual components

Price: $900-$3,000


Details: Radflo offers many options as far as lift kits go, from entry level to ultimate performance systems. All their kits are adjustable for up to a 3" lift height and coilovers can be purchased as standard or extended travel versions, but the extended travel types cannot be used with the stock upper control arm and require aftermarket ones to be used. all their coilovers and rear shocks can also be purchased with or without external remote reservoirs. The 2.0" entry level kit includes 2.0″ diameter front coil-overs with sway-bar relocation brackets, 2.0″ dia. rear shocks with internal floating pistons, and 2.0″ lift rear coil springs. The next level kit is their 2.5" Performance Kit which has 2.5″ diameter front coilovers w/ sway-bar relocation brackets, 2.5″ dia. rear shocks, and 2.0″ lift rear coil springs. Then Radflo's final and highest performance option is their Ultimate Performance System with 2.5″ diameter front coilovers w/ remote reservoirs, compression adjusters and sway-bar relocation brackets, 2.5″ dia. rear shocks with remote reservoirs, and compression adjusters, and 2.0″ lift rear coil springs. With those compression adjusters, there are 26 different settings to allow the user to really "fine-tune" their suspension. All the kit's rear coils are advertised as offering 20% more spring rate for increased load carrying capacity and improved off road capability. You can also purchase individual 2.0" or 2.5" adjustable coil overs or rear shocks from Radflo with the same options offered in the kits.

Notes: Recommended tire size for all Radflo lift kits is a 285/75R16. Radflo also not only offers the 3" lift options, but also offers 5"-7" front adjustable coil-overs and 6" rear shocks designed to work with the 6" lift from Rough Country.

Options: Check on Metal Tech's website to find kit options in 6 stages similar to Icon lift kits and with additional items like upper control arms, rear upper links, and lower links.


Type: Adjustable coilovers and adjustable shocks for lifted and stock applications

Price: $90-$300


Details: Rancho offers multiple suspension options for the FJ Cruiser including 0" lift options and 2" lift options. Rancho has coilover sets available for the front suspension, or they sell just the shocks for the front and the rear. The Rancho coilovers can be ordered in a 2" lift version and they have 9-position tuning technology allowing the user to manually adjust with a knob on the shock how much dampening they would like their ride to have. The coilovers level the front suspension and Rancho claims it can clear a 35” tire in select applications. They also have just the front shock available with the 9-position tuning technology and it is a 2.75" diameter body yet is the stock height. And Rancho has rear shocks for sale can be purchased in stock height or 2" lift versions, and when the rearcoil spring spacers are used one can achieve the 2" lift they desire. Almost all their shocks are compatible with the myRIDE wireless controller. This wireless controller lets the user select the dampening they would like on the vehicle in certain preset modes or in your own custom settings.

Notes: Lift height may vary on product and the rear kit is required to level rear height. This video link may help you understand Rancho suspension better and the myRide technology:


Type: Spacer Lift & Upper Control Arms

Price: Lift Kit - $439.95 ; UCAs - $799.95


Kit Details: ReadyLIFT's lift kit works for Toyota FJ Cruisers & 4Runners. This spacer lift is designed to provide 3" of front suspension lift while retaining the OEM safe suspension geometry. This system lifts the FJ Cruiser 3.0” in front and 2.0” in the rear, allowing for 33” tires to be run. ReadyLIFT also sells uni-ball upper control arms designed and made from stainless steel and are powder coated metallic grey.


Type: Spacer Lift with Rear Shocks, Just Spacer Lift, Leveling Kit, or Diff Drop

Price: 1.5" Leveling kit - $165 ; 3" Lift Kits - $500-$572


Kit Details: Revtek offers a 3" front/2" rear split-spacer lift kit and a 1.5" leveling kit for all FJ Cruisers, which are both designed to level the vehicle, but the lift kit actually increases ride height overall. But for 2010-2014 FJ Cruisers Revtek also offers just their front differential drop kit, the 3" front/2" rear lift kit without the rear shocks, and their NEW 3" front/2" rear front integrated anti-vibration technology Pro Kit. The new Pro Kit has built into the front strut spacer technology to reduce vibration from the road and increase the quality of the ride. Revtek's rear spacers on any of their kits is made from "virtually indestructible" polyurethane and the whole kit is made in the USA. Fits up to a 285/75/R16 tire with a maximum recommended wheel width of 8" and with 4 1/2" backspacing.

Rough Country

Type: Spacer and Suspension Lift

KITS: 2" & 3" Lifts Rough Country

Price $109.95-$249.95


Kit Details: Rough Country now offers both 2" & 3" lift kits, the 2" kit consisting of front strut extensions and rear coil spacers which basically levels the vehicle. The next level up from this would be a similar 3" kit including aluminum front strut spacers, rear coil spacers, and Rough Country's Premuim N2.0 shock for the rear. Then the highest level 3" lift offered would be identical to the previous lift except the rear coil spacers would be replaced with rough Country's own lifted coil springs. All 2/3" kits are completely bolt on and unlike some polyurethane kits, this kit DOES NOT require dis-assembly of the strut, so no strut compressor required!

KIT: 6" Lift Rough Country

Price: $1299.95

Kit Details: Rough Country's 6" lift kit includes front & rear crossmembers, front raised knuckles, strut spacers, front upper/lower integrated skid plates, differential drop brackets, rear sway-bar links, rear upper control arms, rear trac bar, rear coil springs, bump stop drop brackets, and Performance 2.2 series shock absorbers for the rear. This kit requires no welding and is completely bolt on. Recommended tire size for this kit is a 35x12.50R17 tire.

Notes: Icon Vehicle Dynamics and Radflo offer adjustable coil overs with or without external reservoirs which are designed specifically for this kit. They are adjustable to achieve lift between 5" and 7". Icon also offers rear 2.5" diameter piggy-back shocks for this kit for increased handling and performance. Radflo offers a 2.0" diameter shock without a reservoir for this lift. Check site for more details.

Skyjacker Suspensions

Type: Leveling Kits, Spacer lifts w/ rear shocks, and adjustable coilover suspension kits with other suspension components

Price: $180-$590


Kit Details: Skyjacker offers many different products for FJ Cruisers, ranging from 2" leveling kits to 3" Performance Strut lift kits. The 2" leveling kit only provides a front aluminum strut spacer to level the ride, but they also offer a 2" front metal/1.25" rear polyurethane spacer lift. They also offer 1"-3" adjustable front performance struts (website not specific about this product and how it adjusts.) Then they offer their 3" performance lift kit in 4 different varieties with the only component that changes being the rear shocks. The 3" lift comes with the 3" lifted front struts, rear coil springs, rear sway bar end links, and then the rear shocks which can be selected as their M95 MONOTUBE 9500 shock, Black MAX 8500 shock, NITRO 8000 shock, or HYDRO 7000 shock (see website for specifics on each shock type.) Misc. replacement bushings are also available for their products.

Sonoran Steel Fabrication

Type: Full suspension system with Bilstein non adjustable shocks or Radflo adjustable coilovers.

Price: $1,300.00 - $2,475.00


Details: This kit basically takes parts from different manufacturers and companies and puts them all together to create their lift kit. All four shocks are Bilstein 5100 series designed for FJ Cruisers which they have further modified to hold the TRD coils they have paired up for the "ultimate combo." Front coil-over's are adjustable from 1/2" - 3.75" of lift. The rear springs are replaced with a custom made set matched to the rear shocks. The adjustable Trac Bar with free movement bushing ends unlocks the FJ Cruiser's real potential in the rear end and re-centers the axle under the truck after lifting. Overall lift is up to 3.75" for the front supporting a bumper/winch/skids and 2" in the rear. Constructed from 100% DOM Tube and very heavy duty. Sonoran Steel also offers Radflo 2.0 and 2.5 suspension kits that include the front adjustable coil-overs (with or without reservoirs), Radflo custom wound 2" lift rear coils, rear Radflo shocks (with or without reservoirs), and Sonoran Steel's adjustable Trac/PanHard/Lateral Bar.


aFe Power/aFe Control (Sway-A-Way [SAW])

Type: Adjustable Coil Over Suspension Systems with Shocks and Coils

Price: $730 - $1,570


Details: The company aFe Power/Control recently acquired the Sway-A-Way line of high performance replacement adjustable coilovers and shocks for Toyota vehicles. The parts are all still designed and built in the USA. The products offered now from aFe Control include the Sway-A-Way 2.0" front adjustable coilovers (2" shock diameter), Sway-A-Way 2.5" front adjustable coilovers (2.5" shock diameter), Sway-A-Way 2.0" rear shocks (2" diameter shock), and Sway-A-Way rear coil springs. The front coilovers are designed to accommodate 2-3" lifts and the rear shocks and coils are set to achieve 1-2" of rear lift.


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