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I am probably gonna get some of my little green points taken away for this but here goes anyway....
Dude- don't message me anymore. I don't want to hear anything that you have to say since it never adds up to anything.
I am not here to sift through your comments.
I intend to buy 2 Toyota Yaris' for commuters for the wife and I but don't own a Toy right now. I have owned a few in the past (Camry and Tacoma) and they were great vehicles. I just stated a simple fact that the Wrangler is as reliable as the Toy's as an US car ( not including the YJ) and for that matter hold resale value as well as the Toy's. Heck the New Jeeps sold more FJ's in half the time( Wrangler JK) and are back order over 60K units as I type this. That says something.
I beat my Rubi to death and have never had a problem other than melting my gass tank becasue I ripped the exhaust off on a Red trail at Paragon.
Also - As you challenged me to guess your new name on ROF in your message, I won't need to- the ROF guys will figure you out- and why would you post on there anyway if the think the Rubi is a POS?
I realize that you had to change your name on there becasue they don't like you - this forum is much more tolerant of your BS than they were- you are lucky.
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