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Man, I haven't been on ROF for a little while...
I found this post about IH8Mud on there...(Used to be torquelover on ROF)...
For everyones viewing pleasure or disgust...there were many other dumba$$ comments that I didn't include.

Most of these are examples of what not to post on ROF...or just to not straight-up contradict yourself...cuz you'll end up like this guy looking like an a$$ and getting kicked off. Maybe this should have went in the Humor section......

I am going to wait, and trade the Jeep for the new Dodge Challenger.
The mpg wont be great with it either, but at least it will have POWER.

They are nice, I am just getting rid of my aftermarket stuff.

I didnt want to be too hard on her the first time out, because I want
her to come back for more.

I am very impressed with my Rubicon.

To be honest with you, I was bored to death creeping around at a snails pace.
I think it would be pure torture for me to be with a group, and have to creep
around like a herd of turtles.

Thanks for the offer, but I dont plan on going out there again.
I really like my Rubicon, but I could care less about going offroad.
I guess that I should head over to Briggs, and trade her in for
something more exciting.

Hey I like my Rubicon, and what I do with it is my business.
I dont see why you guys get all uptight, just because I dont
care about going offroad.

I am pro-Jeep, but maybe not for much longer.

I wanted the top of the line Jeep Wrangler, which is supposed to be the Rubicon

You want me gone just because I dont want to take my Rubi offroad?
Go ahead, boot me off.

I think Jeeps are cool, but I guess that is a crime around here.

You are right, I have opened my pie hole way too much.
I Guess I should trade in the Rubi.

I am too embarrassed to meet up with any of you, after the way I have been acting.
I wont post anymore if you dont want me to, but I am keeping my Rubi.

When it came down to it, I just couldnt trade my Rubi for an FJC.
It was like I was going to lose a good friend, and I couldnt do it.
The Rubicon is a Badass vehicle, and I am lucky to own one.
I hope you will give me another chance to be a positive part of the forum.
Flame away...... I deserve it.

I couldnt find any mud, but I did go looking for some hills to climb and
found a couple that I consider to be steep.
The Rubi just idled right up them without any problem at all.
my son said, "this thing is a Beast." I wholeheartedly agree.
Now I need to go to the Tuttle Creek ORV area, it's only 65 miles away.
I am falling in love with this little monster.

Yeah it's a Jeep, not a vintage sports car. I have finally came to my senses.
How steep an incline will these beasts climb ?

I have decided not to go out there yet, I dont want to tear up my Rubi.

I really appreciate the offers guys, but I will probably never take my Rubi offroading.
I didnt buy it to take it out and tear it up, I plan on it lasting me awhile.
Just knowing what it can do, is good enough for me.
Once again, Thanks

What can I say. I didnt buy it, to tear it up ! I dont care if it is a Jeep,
I like it too much to go bang it up.

I didnt know going offroad was a requirement of Jeep ownership,
so why dont you go hang ten

I actually like the Hummer H3. If they ever put a decent engine in it, you never know....

I have decided to keep my '06 Rubicon as a collectors item and
keep it tucked away in the garage, so it stays in new condition.

That is the main reason I bought it to begin with. I feel it is the
"end of an era", since it is the last year of the Inline-6.
Jeeps seem to hold their value really well so...
What do you think it will be worth 10 years from now, with less
than 40,000 miles on it ?
Maybe I should have went with a sports car.

Maybe I should trade it for a Porsche 911.

You are probably right.
I guess I need to take it out and tear it up, or get rid of it.


I challenge you to check one out up close,
the quality is way better than any Jeep.

You have convinced me to keep it, thanks for helping me see the light.
I dont plan on driving it much however, because I want to keep it in
new condition as long as possible.
I bought the '06 Rubicon as more of a collectors item since it is the last
year with the Inline-6. I will not drive it more than 5,000 miles a year.

I am leaning toward the Gladiator, but I will have to see it in person first.
It sure looks awesome in the pictures that I have seen.

Honda ?!?! Those are fighting words pilgrim !
I wouldnt be caught dead in a Honda !

If a Chevy Suburban, a Ford F-150, an Isuzu Trooper, and a Chevy Blazer
can do it, I guess my Rubicon isnt such hot stuff after all.

Those darn Toyota guys were right.

Before I bought my Rubicon last week, I was also considering the new FJ Cruiser.
The dealer called today to let me know that they had a Cruiser in that I could
drive and check out. I told him that I had decided to stick with Jeeps, and that
I had purchased a new 06 Rubicon. I could tell that the wind went out of his sails !
"Oh, you bought Rubicon!" he said. Then he said, "you really should have checked
out the Cruiser, it has awesome offroad capabilities."
I told him that my Rubicon can go places the Cruiser can only dream about.
I also told him Toyota screwed up by putting IFS on the front, instead of a solid axle.
He didnt know what to say after that, and said "Enjoy your new Rubicon."


New Toyota FJ Cruiser?
What do you guys think of it ? I havent seen it in person yet,
but in the pictures it looks funky (fugly)
And why would they go with I.F.S. ?

I know the RUBICON can eat it for breakfast !

Hello all, I traded my 02 sport for a brand new 06 Rubi yesterday, and it is awesome!
How much lift does my rubi have over a stock Wrangler ?

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