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Re: HOWTO: Use the Search Function

The site search still works, you just might have to word things differently. Instead of searching for something using FJ BMC which it might say is to short or the words are too small, search for Body Mount Chop. There's so many threads with the same or similar names or names that have nothing to do with the things that are being searched that you have to mess with the wording a bit. Then you might get a bunch of threads that have some good, some bad, and some in between that you just have to read and scan to see if they contain the info that's needed. Some threads might come up and only have 12 views and replies where others have 212. That would be the one to check first as it's highly likely that people have been discussing things. It's not perfect, but it can work with a little work. Google is good too and with the new search function up top, everything is right there in the drop down box to use the site search, google search, and variations too.

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