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Re: FJ Lease Numbers...

Blair-My boss has a rather nice garage full as well.
04 911 twin turbo with X50 package
05 cheyenne turbo
06 SL65 covt,which he picks up next week he is trading in his 05 600
02 NSX
sometimes I wish I was the boss instead of the peon
he almost bought a 355 in 02 (2000 miles on it)the chicago dealer said its one of the most reliable ferraris ever made.He decided on the 911T x50 instead
p.s. his poor wife only has one car a 05 M3, she doesen't know the difference from a regular 3series, but what would his friends of said if he just bought her a 330 .
If I'm ever in your neck off the woods you can drive my fj for the day,and i'll drive the GT3.
I pick up my fj tuesday

P.S. someone that lives near my parents has a carrera GT,my dad has seen it go by his house twice in the last month(silver).I asked are dealer who bought it and they said they can't tell ?I guess the original customer backed out and lost his $35,0000 deposit. Ouch!

Take care,


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