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Re: Moab Junky's Adventures

Another good sized ledge.
Moab Junky's Adventures-dsc03904.jpg

A little more gas and up we go!! Really didn't spin a tire on this trail, not yet anyway. Some fun sandy stuff up ahead.
Moab Junky's Adventures-dsc03906.jpg

More huge boulders. We stopped here for some breakfast.
Moab Junky's Adventures-dsc03907.jpg

Our little dog stops to catch her breath. So far she has chased two rabbits and a half dozen lizards. She's beat. Her and Mom walked most of the trail so far.
Moab Junky's Adventures-dsc03908.jpg

I know this trail would bore most of you guys to tears, but we really got a kick out of it. After breakfast we relaxed on one of these gargantuas rocks and let the sun beat down on us for a while.

Again, not even the sound of a motorbike in the distance. And they call this public lands??? Man I love living in the West!!!
Moab Junky's Adventures-dsc03910.jpg

The last of the rocks.
Moab Junky's Adventures-dsc03913.jpg

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