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Re: Less than a day old and scratched....

plnfixr320 previously said: View Post
I picked up a Silver FJ 4x4 last Saturday and took it out to climb some rocky hills Sunday. The wife and 2 boys had a blast, we went with a buddy of mine, his wife a 2 girls. He is an avid off roader and knows the local fun spots really well. The FJ really impressed him in its stock abilities. As we were nearing the end of our run the trail narrowed and I got some branches on the right rear quarter, so that is over with. Now I can wheel without worring about it.

I gotta get this thing up about 3 inches or so, I like the look of the All-Pro Walker Evans kit but will need to read that forums a bit more.

Anyone in Southern California in the I.E. or High Desert (Victorville) area that is interested in a weekend trail ride please feel free to send a PM.

Nice, now that's what I'm talkin about. Welcome aboard.

Rustler previously said: View Post
The DAY I bought mine, I took it up in the Sierras on a 4x4 road that had brush intruding into the center of the paths. As a result, both sides of my new FJ were scratched... BADLY. I took it to my local detail shop, and for $300 they buffed / sanded / buffed all the scratches out! It looks like new, even though it now has a 1/100th of an inch less clear coat.
Welcome back Rustler.

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