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Re: What does everybody think of this FJ?

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Hello everyone. Picked up my first FJ this year and am totally in love with it. Also love this forum. This thread got me thinking a little though and I would be interested to hear everyone's thoughts...

It seems like chrome is a negative to most folks in here, and functionality seems to rule over aesthetics when it comes to mods. The FJ i bought has a chrome bullguard and i am on the fence with it. it appears to serve a purpose - protecting the lights and a bit underneath the bumper. it is bolted to the frame so it *should* provide some protection if it is pushed in for any reason. i have no prior experience with these so i simply don't know.

i do like it (and get lots of compliments, actually) but would have picked a black one and perhaps one with a slightly lower profile. in your experiences would this be something to hang on to? Also those side steps are the next thing to go!

(p.s. does anyone else's wife think they are insane for putting so much thought into these things)
Even when chrome was in in the 80's I didnt go for it. As far as function; I remember another forum member saying something like these are called deductible getters because when they are pushed in they do more damage to the vehicle than would have been sustained if it were not there... I tend to agree.

Yes, my wife thinks I am crazy!

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