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Re: OFFICAL Moab October 7th-11th 2015

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I had kind of a solemn moment While i was at the overlook at Top of the world. While I was hanging out , taking in the view and watching the other guys take their pics , i noticed a small box under a tree on the left. I didn't think much of it at first but I became more curious and walked over to it and picked it up took off the lid, and looked inside.What i found inside was startling , what at first i thought was dirt, I quickly realized that it was ashes... someone's cremated remains. I let out a gasp, and immediately put the lid back on and returned it to the exact place i had found, it while offering a quick apology to the person to which they belonged.

Just illustrates what a very special place on earth THAT place is, and that someone loved it so much that that is where they wanted their remains to reside.

I could think of worse places to spend some time ....worse places indeed
Several years ago a group of FJs made that trip. One of the owner's had a really cool dog who ran along side us and was just friendly and good looking as can be. It was a yearly thing for him and his owner to go to Moab. Well the dog passed away and the next trip down to Moab was with a group of FJs again and the owner stood on the rock, said a few words, and let the wind take the ashes of his dog and spread them around the area that he loved.

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