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TapTurn flasher relay install

I think this write up could go in multiple forum locations but i will start by posting it under electrical (sorry if its in the wrong place).

I took info from a number of threads before i tackled this so here is my experience of this relay swap out mod, bear with me because i do go into a lot of detail when i write up my experiences with modifications....

Firstly i started by removing the fuse box cover panel to have a feel for the relay location. I also attempted to remove the silver panel above (with the air vent) but totally gave up on that... honestly... you do not need to take that off anyway....

There is no dignified way to do it, so i pushed the seat back and lay on my back in the foot well, head up to the brake peddle! i was able to feel the relay and turn on the signal to verify i had the right one. the camera was helpful in "seeing" up under the dash because i couldn't contort my head to see with my eyes.. now being female, i an not the same build as a stocky fella, but i am not slight either, so the average guy should be able to approach this the same way, or ask the other half to help out :-)....see below pics.

Now, the relay is circled but it is impossible to release it without breaking the clip when it is in this location attached to the fuse box lid, but i read on another thread that someone "accidentally" dislodged the fuse box lid, so this MUST come off somehow. Where the arrows are on the photos above i prized with my hands and a jewellers screw driver and released the clips to free the lid.

Once the lid is free you can rotate it on the wiring harness into the footwell to access the relay/wire plug

Free the plug but splitting the side clips on the relay and pushing in the tab on the wiring plug closest the fuse box lid and you will feel it release and you can take it apart.

to free up the relay from the fuse box lid you need to get a small jewellers screw driver and release the clip like below:

I then connected the tap turn relay to the wiring loom and tested it out.... before i reassembled it.

You want to put the lid back on the fuse box though because by removing it, it exposes the back of the circuit board.

When you slide the new relay onto the fuse box lid before replacing it, just slide it in to bind, don't push it on properly, that way you can quickly swap it out if needed. Then just push the lid back on the fuse box and adjust/ play with your TapTurn functions...

I set it to strobe signal and hazards and i am loving the one touch signalling... it was one of my bugbears on the FJ that it wasn't a standard feature. I highly recommend this modification and the supplier was very helpful, fast to act and shipping took no time (that was from Canada to UAE!).

Iceberg FJ Xtreme Edition (AT285)
285/70R17 tires Cooper Discoverer A/T3
17x8 Arctic Trucks alloy wheels
40mm suspension lift front/rear
Bonnet scoop
Anzo black amber eagle eye front signal units
WeatherTech window deflectors
TapTurn signal relay
IPCW Bermuda Black rear LEDs
Springtail Solutions side rack (in rear) and saddle rack (up front)
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