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Re: 2013 FJ cruiser windshield Issue

I don't anyone for body work, but depending on where you are located, a great shop for windshield replacements is one called Glasshoppers. The one I go to is up in Ogden and they have done an awesome job for me. I had 9 windshields replaced on my FJ through them. The first one was only a month or so after I bought it and no one had one so I asked my dealer (Tony Divino) if they knew of a windshield and they had one waiting at Glasshoppers to be installed in a new FJ that came in on the transporter with a cracked one. They do all of their glass work. The last one I got a couple of years ago only took like 45 minutes too. I went out to a crack in my Tundra windshield today from the cold we're getting so I'll be visiting them again soon.

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