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Re: Bridgeport Runs (all)

Skawty previously said: View Post
Dang man, I had KO2s too going through that spot and made it through. There must be a really sharp rock there because I remember another vehicle having a flat in that area too, but that was in the dry.
Glad you made it through ok.

I saw this rock and took a wrong angle and tried to go up a small incline, but because it was so muddy and slippery, all I did was slide back into the track and placed my tire right infront of the rock for it to basically slice through it. I could have tried and gone over the rock, but I thought I could go by it. Well, the rock was just sitting there like a knife waiting for me. And when I got there and felt my wheels spinning, I stepped on it giving enough momentum that made it easy for the rock to slice through my tire wall.

There goes my KO2. Now I need to buy a new one.
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