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Re: Official 2016 Florence Beach Run Thread March 25 - 27

Alpine FJ previously said: View Post
Okay folks, here is the list of attendees. If you end up being a "for-sure" rather than a "maybe" just let me know and I will make corrections. Let's make this the best attended event ever for the Florence Beach Run!

1. westcoastgirl74
2. Alpine FJ
4. fjmadman
6. Primer
7. Solid E
8. wearin_oakleys
9. stiles88
10. jjsmitty
11. Plasticfood
12. Merk
13. TrickedOut
14. amaintaylor
15. Texagon
16. FJzilla
17. Evil Trunk Monkey
19. SafetyDave
20. Seeehorn_12
21. Curtis-BW-Guenther... maybe
22. Zed71
23. Matthewkort... maybe
24. PNutts... maybe
25. TTFJ
26. vimthedog
27. prghosh
28. Wagoner726... pretty likely now!
29. jays0n
30. StinkFist
31. flyguide83
32. mrsarcasm310
33. FJC Scout 1
34. brad420
35. Crazyfootcoy
36. Ccarr98... maybe
37. BearFJ07
38. Jeff H. from BC
39. Gidget
40. Xtian
41. ApeRST... maybe
42. Lmmmmm... maybe
43. GREGFJ... maybe

It would be so awesome if everyone was able to make it!!!!

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