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Re: Any BMW folks on here?

capodecina previously said: View Post
That and its an entirely different animal than the FJ. I got rid of my BMW because I was tired of getting DOWN into a vehicle and I needed something to get UP into. its completely different and I cannot imagine going back. Sure its zippy and sporty and quick and just no. It was my first "dream car"...but then I grew up.
I dunno. One of the things I find amusing about driving a 3-series with the sport suspension is that the car doesn't look lowered but, if you pull up next to a Camry (or something like that), your eyes are WAY below the door handles of that car. A 3-series is a proper sports car with a deceptively sedan styling. It's certainly not everyones cup of tea but, as I've said before, it's a fun nice weather car and I think it's an excellent compliment to an FJ.
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