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Troubleshooting: High Beams Not Working.

About six months ago, the high beams on my 2008 FJ ceased working. I have done little night driving outside of local freeways, so it hasn't been a crisis. More of a puzzle. I am always interested in learning more about my ride's electrical system, and I have done multiple searches here to find a thread created by someone else with this problem. However, most headlight threads somehow end up being HID vs LED, DRL /pro/con conversations, which are not addressing my question.

First, some details:

2008 FJ base
OEM headlight units, h4 halogen bulbs, DRLs.
DRLs work perfectly.
Low beams work perfectly.
High beams do not work, either on full-time or flash setting.

The previous owner added a set of Angel Eyes halos to the headlight configuration. These are powered through a tap on the forward (under hood) fuse panel and don't appear to be in conflict with the headlight circuit.

Troubleshooting (and results):

Replaced BULBS with same (nope)
Replaced HEADLIGHT RELAY on fuse panel (nope)
Replaced MULTI-SWITCH on steering column (nope)
Examined visible connections, and the 3-prong power connection behind headlamp units. Power on low setting, no power on high or flash setting.

Still, no high beams.

It seems like it would be a simple fix, but I'm stumped, and the answer is not obviously (to me) found in the existing threads. If anyone has some advice or a link to a thread I may have missed, please share. I would really like to fix this myself if possible.

Midlife crisis/expedition vehicle. ATRAC, locking rear differential, Aries grille guard, aftermarket front turn signal mods, vertical grille (ugh) XD-Series black matte wheels, backup camera with rearview mirror display, factory stereo with JL bluetooth receiver installed, OEM roof rack, side mirror LEDs with diffusers removed. All LEDs except headlights. Aux USB chargers.
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