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Re: Troubleshooting: High Beams Not Working.

Patrick Ralston previously said: View Post
One Shot- How can I verify this? I seem to remember a discussion on this topic (which now I can't find).

Gearwrench-- I just appreciate the input. Even as a lurker, I've become a much better mechanic just by reading the posts by veterans here. It helps that these Toyota/Hino designs lend themselves to modification and tinkering. In college I had a 1985 Hilux 4x4-- last year of the straight front axles-- that I could dismantle in my backyard. My FJ is helping me reclaim some of the fun I had back then, and share it with my sons.
My thought was even if there's power going to the lights, they won't turn on without the negative/ground, which the switch supplies.
Looking at the threads discussing this, I know enough to know I don't know enough to walk you through it, but you could check your grounds, vice positive.

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