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Re: Transmission flush

Ole Blu previously said: View Post
Hi Jimmiee ! Sorry, it's been awhile since I've been on the forum. Now that I'm able, I've been trying to get my transmission flush done like you advised me to do. Like I said in my comments, I've been trying to find a reliable and honest service center to get it done. I don't trust any of the dealerships in the DFW area. I went by the reviews from several sources. I think for the most part, their customers are people trying to follow the rules laid out by their warranties. I think I told you about how the dealership tacked on an extended warranty that I made them remove. I still get alert letters telling me to be quick to sign up for the warranty before it's too late. Anyway, after a difficult summer, I'm trying to find a place where I can get the flush done. I found a transmission shop with high marks that said that they have the "special tool" needed to do it, and it will cost $180. I'm concerned about the "special tool" and the low cost compared to the $480 quote from one of the dealerships. As I understand it, it's a pump system that's used. I'm going to go to the shop on Monday to check things out. Any thoughts?
The special tool they are referring to is probably the fluid exchange machine. The flush can be done without it but it does make it easier. The expense from the flush comes from the amount of ATF used to do the flush. The machine has a clear glass bubble that lets you see the red oil going in and the dirty oil coming out. The goal is to get the dirty oil coming out back to a red color. This can take from 10 to 20 quarts depending on how dirty the fluid is.
I would call around and ask how much they charge and how many quarts of oil that includes. Call Jiffy Lube. They seem to have a pretty fair price and they have the machine. Since the FJ has no dipstick it's nice to be able to see the color of the fluid and know you have removed all the dirty oil.

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