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Re: Polishing a shiny turd

Thank you for all the positive replies! That's exactly what I like to hear. It's not that I don't have confidence in the vehicle. I know it's very capable. Maybe I've been reading the forums too much and sound like I have something to prove

jimmy-buffett previously said: View Post
For the trails you're doing, which are they: equipment or insurance?
If not, get that and enable ATRAC. I wheel some of the hardest trails here in Colorado and have used my rear locker 5 times: ATRAC is that good.
A little bit of both. I've been driving trails for awhile and realize that you have to use your equipment to get around. But there are times I've probably been lucky that more damage hasn't been done to my vehicle, so the insurance is nice that I prepared ahead of time. Ie. I had a friend who's ICON coilover snapped (possibly due to a bumpstop/bottom out) and took out his CV. I overheard the towing was $1300 alone

I'll be in CO in June for a ragnar event. I'd love to drive some trails with you guys!

Iconic_ previously said: View Post
...What you see on the forum is what 2% of people do with their FJ. IMO spindle gussets aren't needed unless you are hitting curbs at 40 mph..... Don't be afraid to wheel it in its current condition to get a feel for what it can do.
Glad I'll be able to hit the malls at a good speed then, no crawling for me hah. You made a good point of getting out there as there's no replacement for experience. I need to stop reading these forums, they give me bad ideas!

Robot previously said: View Post
I have a 1990 4runner setup as a pretty legit. Baja rig, which is my basis for comparison. Off the lot, even without proper tires my FJ is really impressive and can even do some things my "prerunner" can't do when it comes to crawling type activities.
I would love to see this 4runner baja rig. Have a few pictures or a build thread?

Racer X FJ previously said: View Post
I have basically the same setup you...
Thanks man. That's inspiring. I guess I read too much of the forums and get inspired as well. I like your rock rails. I only have running boards right now and I don't think that would put up much of a fight next to that boulder on your driverside up there!

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