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Re: Door Panels Rattle with Stereo (2013

The good thing about the plastic clips (and the little "manhole cover" for the screw) is they are cheap, and readily available from local Toyota or internet. Often (if I am planning ahead), before I tackle an interior job is buy a couple of extras before starting.

But, as Bazros said, they hold up well.

Regarding sound deadening behind the doors: be sure that anything applied to the outer panels is not water absorbing (=rust). Someone mentioned feminine napkins, make sure something like that is only used in a permanently dry area.

One thing that can be really handy when curing rattle noises is felt tape (available at most hardware stores, in the crafts section) because you can stick it to the mating face between two plastic parts (colored plastic door inset panels anyone?) and prevent them from rattling together.

Tap your fingers on each panel before disassembly to find out which ones are making noise, then felt away while they are apart.


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