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Re: 08 Key Fob for 2007 FJ

ND40oz previously said: View Post
Sweet, we have any vendor prices for that part or did you just get it from your local dealer?
I bought it from the dealer @ $150 including programming and cutting the key. I'm sure there are cheaper sources but I went with my local dealer who tested the programming before I had to buy it.

chapter7 previously said: View Post
Anyone have a picture of the 08 key fob?

I have a 2007 and it would be nice if I could "upgrade" to an integrated key/door transmitter!
I don't have a pic but I did provide the part number...three buttons in a triangle..base by key = lock, left away from the key = unlock and right away from key = panic. Red LED to the upper right of the lock button. Backside is blank except for the Toyota logo in gold. No FCC or IC number or manufacturer listed on the outside
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