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Re: Rtic Coolers 30% off

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The tumblers look like those Rocky Mountain Coolers advertised on TV, where they put coffee in them and then freeze them in a block of ice or put ice in them and put them in boiling water. I don't think there is any real technology in them, the trick is forming an insulated vacuum sealed cavity.
The tumblers are just basic 50's technology where the vacuum thermos like the Thermos and Aladdin brands are made from. The big thing with these is they are $10 or $11 for the 30oz version vs $60 from Yeti or others. From what I've read they are all made in basically the same plant. The 3 big ones in all the tests are usually the RTIC, YETI, and a Wal Mart brand. When all is said and done they are all pretty much the same with RTIC and Yeti being a little better than the Wal Mart version so then it comes down to price and the RTIC is about a dollar more than the Wal Mart brand so it's those two that people like. I haven't used my Tumblers in the summer yet, but so far the last 2 or 3 months I've had them I really like them. Usually I'll drink several iced teas or water during the day and I'd have to add ice several times in my old plastic cup. Now if start out with a full cup of ice I can go all day and into the evening and only add ice once or twice and it's just to top off the cup an inch or so. I've been in my truck running errands and taking drives a couple of times since I got them and I've actually had the ice cubes freeze together in the cup into one large chunk which never happened in the plastic cup. I haven't used mine for any hot drinks yet, but they are supposed to keep drinks hot for like 6 hours adn the test and reviews seem to agree that they do.

The bottles are the same as the tumblers or a regular thermos. A vacuum bottle with a lid. I use mine to hold iced tea or water to refill my tumbler and they keep the stuff cold and the ice doesn't melt anywhere near as fast as with the old Nalgene bottles I was using.

I was never into the fancy coolers because I had two Engels. I don't use the Engels now like I used too because I'm basically doing just day trips in the area now. Last summer I bought an ORCA cooler which is similar to the RTIC and Yeti only priced in between. It made a believer out of me. I had an Igloo 5 day cooler way back when and this puts that to shame in a big way. I've filled it with ice and after 12 days I still had a few cubes along with ice cold water. At the rated 10 days there was still a large amount of ice with some water. They seem to work pretty good.

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