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Re: 1k mi in an FJ

4k in an FJ.

Drove back to Alabama, now have 4k mi.

More impressions.

The truck is a beast on the highway, set it in cruise, jam it in sixth, and watch the scenery blur by at 85. It holds very well at this speed and still can manage 16-17mpg.

Off road it's essentially unstoppable, I've take in it on trails around Ashevile, NC and on logging roads. Without the center diff locked, it gets squirrely on loose gravel. Pirelli Scorpions are great on mud and sand. ATRAC is unintrusive and awesome for holding on to slippery hills and creeping through mud holes.

The 6MT is a dog, shifting from 2 to 3 with a cold tranny I still miss gears--as if the syncromesh doesn't want me to go to third, regardless of engine speed. I've stalled it several times at a red light because the clutch isn't sure if it's engaging at 1/2 or 1/4 travel. Regardless, with a hot transmission the truck is fast as hell, if not clunky in shifts.

Interior noise is abysmal. The roof sounds like its being pelted with hail during a rainstorm, in fact I rolled down a window to see if that was actually RAIN falling on me and not chunks of ice. The rear exhaust buzzes and hums inside, becoming VERY irritating on long trips. The seats are unsupportive and I'm having back pain from 800 mile runs.

It's a fun truck, a capable off roader, but with comfort and noise issues.
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