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Re: Ushuaia or Bust!

Thanks I will look into an aux tank. The last I checked in 2008 or so I don't think there were any options. I didn't realize there were now. Is the Man a Fre tank the one everyone goes with?

Edit: well hmm, looking around I'm guessing that Man a Fre tank is gonna cost me at least $3k with parts and labor. I'm not really looking to put that kind of coin into the FJ before taking it on a trip where it very well might not come back. Back to strapping gas cans I guess.

I have to ship over the Darien Gap, biggest PITA of the whole trip. No ferries, just normal shipping. Either container shipping - which is safer and you can leave stuff in the car, or "roll on/roll off" where you have to basically leave your car open and nothing of value inside. Problem with a container is you have to find a partner to share the container - or it's a lot more expensive.

So that's what the storage box above is for. Hopefully they won't break into that if I do RORO shipping. Also as an extra layer of security if someone smashes my window. And what's really cool is when you look in through the windows you can't even tell there's a false floor.

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