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Re: Ushuaia or Bust!

I'm going to differ slightly from advice given about A-Trac.
Basically I don't use it until it's needed. If and when my wheels start spinning, then I hit A-Trac or the rear locker depending on terrain.
Iconic and Joabmc are not giving bad advice, I just use mine differently.
Also, in going down a hill like in your photo, I put it in 4lo and let the engine and transmission do the work so as not to overheat my brakes.
Also, do visual inspections of the rig every morning, especially if you've been on washboard roads. Things like to come loose, as you know.
I also had my fuel on the roof rack on my first expedition into the desert. I kept hearing a LOT of rattling and caught my crossbars just in time, before they came loose.

Do some research about fuel in Bolivia. They have some rule or law in place about selling to tourists.
According to the Overland Expedition video's some stations will sell it to you, but at tourist prices.
It'll be good to start calculating what your mileage is so that you can map out that segment of your trip.

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