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Re: Comparing 285/70/17 and 285/75/17

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Hello all, first want to say that I've been reading parts of this forum for a few months now, but finally writing my first post. Awesome to have a huge online community of FJ enthusiasts that can share information and ideas, everyone on this forums seems helpful and that is great and very appreciated from a new guy like me.

I just got a 2011 Army Green FJ with the matching roof (NSSE or Not So Special Edition) as I've heard it referred to. it is bone stock minus some ugly chrome aftermarket wheels that will soon be gone. I have plans for a build and am excited to get started modding it.

The first thing I'm going to do is a lift and wheels/tires. I'm getting the King 3" coilovers and rear shocks, as well as Total Chaos UCAs. Gonna leave the rear springs for now. I'm also gonna get some 17" methods. Now the tire size is where I need some input.

I like the look of the 285/70 in certain builds, but after seeing the 285/75, it looks to fill the wheel wells better and seems to fit "right" with the FJs body. My concern is, I REALLY don't want any rubbing whatsoever, on or off road. Keep in mind I'm not a hardcore rock crawler. 90% of this vehicles life will be spent on pavement. I do go up to the local mountains on the weekends and hit the trails.

So what I'm asking is, with a 3" lift, would it be unrealistic for me to expect zero rub with the 285/75/17 tires? If I need a BMC, I'm not opposed to it. I also don't want to have to regear or loose too much power. Would I be better off going thrn285/70 route? Anyone with experience with either of these wheel sizes please share you're thoughts, photos would be greatly appreciated as well.
Well, the timing of this question couldn't be better as I just installed Nitto Ridge Grappler 285/78/17's (load C, I personally feel load E is too much on the FJ but I am not bad mouthing the choice). I finally stepped up from the OEM 16in wheels with 285/75/16's as my FJ is also a daily driver and not a rock crawler. IMO the 285/75 is the PERFECT tire size... for me. It really fits nicely with no other modification other than a BMC. I am not 100% certain the BMC is needed but I got mine done right before I went to the tire shop for the install, thus I never mounted the Nittos with the body mount still in place. I do have SPC UCAs as well.

I don't expect any rub on full stuff in the front or rear(no sway bar and Metal Tech LT) but I should note that I also have a 0.5" body lift and I did also remove my fender flares... completely a personal choice for aesthetic reasons. The body lift was preemptive for getting better access to shock bolts more easily, having more clearance for the rear spare tire to bumper and thinking about 35's in the future

I will get you a few pics of the tire clearance to the BMC shortly. I live in CO and driving in the mountains with no re-gear just means slow and steady unless I want to be in high rpms all the time. I literally just got these installed on Tuesday 1/9/18 so I can't really comment on acceleration and braking just yet. In the first 20mi I've driven I don't feel like it was extremely noticeable though.

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