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10,000 miles and I still don't have the hang of the Max A/C function. Every time I want to vent cooler outside air I turn the dial just a bit too far and suddenly the air conditioning and recirculation kick on and I'm freezing and pressing buttons.

As someone said before: if want to turn on the A/C, I'll press the button, thank you.

So I ripped off the knob and looked at the back, and determined that if I built up a nub of hot melt glue on the stop, the knob would not turn to the point where the Max A/C function kicked in. It's a no-brainer but nobody has mentioned this here before (at least in my search).

Took me two tries to get just the right thickness, but it works like a champ. If I want Max A/C I turn the knob to where it now stops, then press the recirc and A/C; just like it was on my Tacoma. If all I want is cooler air, I flick the knob without concern that it will kick in A/C.

Now, someone is going to complain that the knob is not turning to its extreme so I'm not getting optimal cooling even after pressing both buttons. I doubt that is so; and it is plenty cold regardless. The hot melt glue may not hold up indefinitely but it is easy to reapply and a more permanent fix could be done with epoxy.

Edit: 14 months later, and fix is holding up great.

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