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Re: Backup Camera and Trasheroo

Bushmaster previously said: View Post
I have the 07 and no cameras for those stock, but I couldn't be without it after installing one from taddi brothers. Bought the widest view camera 170 deg, drilled and mounted it in the center of the rear stock bumper. I used the angled ring so I can just see the top of the ball on the hitch. its just a bit bigger than the backup sensors and dont look out of place. Its a one shot back-up and hook now. The lens fits fairly flush with the bumper so I don't catch it or hit it putting stuff in the back. First camera lasted about 5 years, and it eventually failed and since I have replaced the camera only (the install is an easy mod) I ran the cables up front and attached a dual input screen above the rear view mirror on the plastic cover. it fits perfect! The monitor stays on all the time, although it can be wired for just back up use. kinda bright at night though its livable. I really like the placement of the camera and it is centered, it has a great view, and no more punching holes in the front of other vehicles grills with my Schuck cushion hitch when trying to get out of a parking spot when they park to close I have another camera for the front since the FJ sits pretty high, just don't have it done yet.

I just ordered 4 adjustable cameras and one screen that has 4 inputs. I plan on placing one in the rear just as you did. Then one for the left/right side. One for the front.

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