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What did you do TO your FJ Cruiser TODAY?

endus previously said: View Post
Weird that the pistons wouldn't move...did you use a C-Clamp?

Had the same exact problem with the pins, though. I beat on the tapered end with a punch until the end was flared out. You made the right move just ordering new calipers.

Yes. Check the maintenance tech forum, there's a big thread on brakes.

Thanks for the quick reply! I used two big flat head screw drivers, which always worked before, and it worked fine on the outer pistons, but the inside two pistons would barely budge and spring right back when I stopped prying them back.

I will check that thread out when I get a chance[emoji1417]. I hope the callipers work with the OEM pads I was late and I was tired so I only thought of that after I bought them DOH! Thanks again[emoji1431]

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