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Re: What did you do TO your FJ Cruiser TODAY?

shrdnar previously said: View Post
First, a shoutout to 4wheelparts for having my wheels shipped from Denver in less than 2 days from when I placed the order, picked them up during my lunch break today.

Second, a huge shoutout to @Discount Tire , they got me in last minute this afternoon, a week ahead of schedule, to re-mount my tires on the new wheels and remove the wheel spacers. The major body mount rubbing is now resolved!

I ended up using one of the spacers on my spare mount, but only after cutting a 1/2" off the tire rest. It took my last remaining dremel cutting disk, but it sure beats cutting it manually with a hacksaw, especially in the heat!

It might just be my eyes playing tricks, but I'm pretty sure upgrading to the ToyTec HD coils gave it more than an extra 1/2" lift in the back - at least when it's fully unloaded. It should sit dead level all loaded up for Ouray.

Really digging the new look, Summit can't come soon enough!

Looks AWESOME [emoji1417]

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