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Re: Another Reminder to Leave No Trace! TACOMABEAST Vandalism

If I could be frank, you are playing into 'fake news' and fake outrage. The environmentalists love these type of stories so they can paint offroaders as bad people and get all motorized access banned.

Graffiti and actual rock carving dont belong. BUT....and this is a huge BUT. From all the pictures I saw that is NOT CARVED into any rock. It is literally barely scratched onto sandstone from a softer rock. Think using chalk on concrete. I can almost bet it would get washed of with a slight bit of rain. And everyone of those stories including the apology say CARVED into rock....hardly.

Secondly...have you seen Moab or any offroad place (rhetorical because I know you have)? Simply dragging sliders or skid plates across comparatively soft sedimentary rock will do way more damage than this. You dont see rockscraping from vehicles being used to feed clicks and internet outrage (not yet anyhow). Also, look at all the rubber and worn tire tracks that are throughout the most traveled trails in Moab and elsewhere in Utah. This is comparatively nothing. This isnt even close to the graffiti vandalism where some idiot paints something on a rock in a National Park. conclusion.....COMPLETELY BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION...because they have an agenda. And, my honest opinion is by highlighting this bit of 'fake' (e.g. manufactured) outrage only serves their agenda. Just a different perspective.
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