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Re: P0420/P0430 - Can I Get A Witness?

I agree with J57, it is a real hazard when this occurs and one is off road. Some mgt person made this b.s. decision.

FinnJ: for the URD it would be just that one set for both rear sensors? the info on the site is not clear. thanks for any info.

My 07 (used) has 115,300 on it now and i got the complete OEM set of sensors from rockauto just to be on the safe side. After slowly getting out of the woods, while driving out i would stop and remove the block battery cable so it would clear the error so i would have full traction. with the I stopped at Autozone for them to do the readout and sure enough it said the right rear sensor. the counter person suggested the cat cleaner @25 to see if that would help. bought a can and got down to 1/4 tank. added it in and ran it on the interstate where the speed limit is 85 to heat things up. ran it until it i got the fuel low light then gassed up with premium from shell and did the reset. so far with 400 miles no dam lights coming on. i did wash all the clay/mud from the FJ as well, not sure if that was any issue. will talk with the local shop when i bring it in for servicing.
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