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Re: What did you do TO your FJ Cruiser TODAY?

DocME previously said: View Post
Yep, that's mine. I really like the electric fans over the clutch fan. No doubt there's a lot of reliability in the clutch fan, but desert racers and rock crawlers use spal fans all the time. There's reasons for it. You'll get superior air movement no matter what rpm your engine is turning. Like cold a/c in 110 degrees, right when you start your truck? electric fans make it happen. I have two fans, so there's some comfort in redundancy. Not concerned in the least bit about reliability of this setup. I also installed a pulse width modulator, so the fans only run as hard as needed. This means they are almost silent during most operations. I LOVE not having to hear the truck sound like a prop plane at startup. I also have a timing relay from the a/c clutch that triggers an a/c circuit on the controller. This allows the fans to kick up to a predetermined speed when I turn the a/c on no matter the engine temperature. The timer relay also keeps the fans running with the a/c even if the compressor clutch cycles off. Two more cool features are the timer relay that keeps the fans running for thirty seconds after you shut the truck off, and the ability to add a fail safe switch that turn the fans on full bore if you had a failure of the controller.....This one allows you to wire an interrupt switch in the ignition 12V trigger, that means you can also wire a switch to turn them OFF if you're going into a mud crossing. I will admit that I did also swap out the stock Spal fan connectors for my preferred Metri-pack connectors that are more water tight.

The only real issue that I'm having is that the spal fans don't like the frequency of the PWM that my controller sends them. They actually throw some pretty serious vibrations that I can feel in the floor boards at some fan RPM's. I hate this part of it. I've done everything on my end that I can to deaden the vibrations and have played around with the temperature settings to reduce the feel of them. I'm awaiting a "high frequency" PWM from my contact that should help to cope with this issue. My other option is to change out the fans, but I don't want to leave the spal line up.....

Definitely appreciate you taking the time to explain! All that wiring sounds too complicated for my skill level when it comes to electrical work though [emoji23]. If for any reason my radiator goes out, I might dip my toes back into this pool. Do you have a write up for the install?

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