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Re: What did you do TO your FJ Cruiser TODAY?

DocME previously said: View Post
Yep, that's mine.
This is really neat! I've been wanting to clean up the engine bay. I used a dual Fan controller before but along the lines that it only turned on 100% based on the desired temp, so I would have one wired to come on at 170 and one at 190+. Usually if I'm not in a rush, there's no issues with spikes but if I was running hot and stalled, the fans would be on while trying to crank. I like what you're telling me though. I just realized several other companies have a PWM similar to what you were mentioning. Are you using a particular brand that you can recommend? It's been a long time since I've looked up e-fan technology and a lot has changed in controllers.

This will definitely be added to the list..
@isancho if and when you do, several companies make the controller. You would install the fans and tap radiator hose for coolant/engine temp. Then wire the control box for fans and one for A/C relay(? I haven't done this but assuming from DocME's post). I think it's more difficult than it sounds.. but getting a proper shrouded fan to the radiator like Doc's setup is the most important in how it'll pull the air.

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