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Re: What did you do TO your FJ Cruiser TODAY?

isancho previously said: View Post
Definitely appreciate you taking the time to explain! All that wiring sounds too complicated for my skill level when it comes to electrical work though [emoji23]. If for any reason my radiator goes out, I might dip my toes back into this pool. Do you have a write up for the install?

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Sancho, I didn't document a ton of the install because it was part of a much larger under taking. I replaced the engine (longer story), added the UCON, 7th injector, larger injectors, headers, supercharger pulley upgrades, s/c idler pulley replacements, cam gears, intercooler reservoir upgrade, and upgraded charging system and wiring upgrade....all at the same time. I was ready to just have the FJ back on the road... I do have a few pictures and rudimentary wiring diagram that I can post up. That should be enough to give a really clear picture of the scope of work. For the wiring portion of the project... I was inspired by Bodenzord's blog on his wiring projects. Really got educated and I must say, while a bit complex, this makes complicated projects soooooo easy to pull together. I simply laid out a schematic, determined which wires were in the same run, trimmed them to length, terminated one end, and secured with techflex until the other end was ready for termination.

Here's a couple of links to his work....its really amazing: DIY Bussmann RTMR Fuse Block, Part 1 ? Introduction | Bodenzord
2015 Toyota Tacoma Build ? Big-3 Upgrade | Bodenzord

jamesepoop previously said: View Post
This is really neat! I've been wanting to clean up the engine bay. I used a dual Fan controller before but along the lines that it only turned on 100% based on the desired temp, so I would have one wired to come on at 170 and one at 190+. Usually if I'm not in a rush, there's no issues with spikes but if I was running hot and stalled, the fans would be on while trying to crank. I like what you're telling me though. I just realized several other companies have a PWM similar to what you were mentioning. Are you using a particular brand that you can recommend? It's been a long time since I've looked up e-fan technology and a lot has changed in controllers.

This will definitely be added to the list..
@isancho if and when you do, several companies make the controller. You would install the fans and tap radiator hose for coolant/engine temp. Then wire the control box for fans and one for A/C relay(? I haven't done this but assuming from DocME's post). I think it's more difficult than it sounds.. but getting a proper shrouded fan to the radiator like Doc's setup is the most important in how it'll pull the air.
For the PWM controllers, my favorite is Autocoolguy. That's what I went with. I have a no buzz 100, but honestly I would have been good with the 50 as my fans only pull 20 amps at full tilt and the pwm is essentially a soft start that does limit the end rush current on startup. I would NOT buy one of the Derale or Spal PWM controllers at this point in time. Some thought that should be looked into is some fans that spal introduced recently. They released a BRUSHLESS PWM fan that has the controller integrated into the fan. The install is super easy and straight forward provided that you have a shroud. The fans are hard to find, as I believe that they are intended for OEMs in the recreational industry.

Also, one guy on the TW forum adapted an FJ shroud to a mark 4 electric fan and used an Autocool guy controller. Looked like it fit up pretty well.

bazross previously said: View Post
G'Day Doc,
That is a sweet set up ...very sexy...well done.

A few years back I spoke to Dirty Deeds about an dual E fan set up, but on their advise didn't pursue it.
But I did end up doing a simple setup - putting a push fan in front of the Rad, that I manually control / cabin switch. Only need it when slow crawling to force more air thru.
No where near as uber cool or effective as a dual E fan set up like yours, still it works, coupled with hood louvers, helps move air past the engine.

Thanks Baz. There's a lot of different ways to get up the mountain, that's for sure. I think the auxiliary fan is good fix for the short comings of the clutch fan and manual control is pretty convenient. For the supercharged guys, the space in front of the radiator and condenser is really cluttered with the auxiliary low temperature radiator for the intercooler system and a pusher fan is going to be hard to fit in there. Actually that was another pro to the electric radiator fans, they actually pull more air through the radiator AND the intercooler, which is great for those hot days and heat soak.

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