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Re: Rear door wont open. Lock is dead.

Last week I was on a 9-day trip around hte four corners region and my rear door lock started acting up. The outside door pull seems "soft" and would sometimes work, sometimes not. I found that if I lift up on the door with one hand while working the door latch with the other I can pop the door open. Then there have been times recently that the latch would lock with the door open, and then I couldn't close the door. This happened several times. I had to take the black cover off the rear door and then move around the metal rods inside to get the lock to unlock. It feels like there is a whole network of thin metal rods that attach from the door latch to the key hole for the lock to the actual latch itself, then there are a few electrical components (a motor or solenoid) that are all connected. I could feel some of the metal rods moving around when I used the key or the key fob but the latch would never open or close.

After feeling around and playing with it for a while I've found that there is a metal rod that goes up above the door latch that has a plastic connector on the end of it that connects to another metal piece that directly opens and closes the door latch. I believe that plastic piece has worn out and doesn't hold the two pieces in the proper position anymore. I can pull on the rod and the latch does not operate, but then I press down on the piece of metal that the latch is connected to the latch will open and close.

I believe mine is two different problems. I think that piece of plastic not holding the two metal pieces tight is one problem. This prevents the door from unlocking when it is locked. The second problem is with the soft feeling handle and needing to lift the door slightly when opening it. I noticed my CB antenna mount on the rear door hinge is loose and I'm thinking maybe the rear door hinges are loose and the door has come out of alignment slightly.

This is difficult to describe. Hopefully I can get some pictures up in a day or two since I want to get this fixed ASAP. The only problem is we are supposed to have daily afternoon thunderstorms all this week.

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