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Re: My Icon Suspension Needs To Be Rebuilt.... Again

lamabamalane previously said: View Post
I dont want to rebuild it because its probably going to break again in the future. Whats the most reliable and best riding suspension that will lift my FJ 2.5 inches? Im doing an overland build so keep in mind the added weight. Im thinking of going with toytech since they are only about 40 minutes away from me and my mechanic says they have had great luck with them.
Toytec's branded products are fine, but if you want a longer warranty go with the Old Man Emu BP-51's. They're 3 years fit&finish, compared to 1 year for most other products. I've had the BP-51's on both my FJ and my 4Runner (since new), it's a fantastic suspension.

Also, price rebuilding your Icon's against their value if you sell them. If it costs $200 to rebuild them and you can get $500-750 for them after rebuilding, it's an easy financial decision.

lamabamalane previously said: View Post
PS: I live in Colorado
Are you a member of Colorado FJ Cruisers on Facebook? If you're looking for other people to offroad with, discounts from local vendors, meets&greets etc it's a great group to be a part of if you own an FJ in Colorado.

p.s. if you call Hugo at Toytec, Colorado FJ Cruisers members get a discount.

James in Arvada CO

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