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There's one of those that just showed up at a local place in the last couple of weeks. It has a big cabin area on it with a couple of big windows on each side. If there are benches along the sides it could probably seat a dozen people plus the driver and another in the passenger seat. I'll try to grab a photo or two of it.

There are several companies here that use the newer versions. The power company I used to work for uses them in the winter to check the high voltage power lines. Oil/gas companies use them to access their pump stations and stuff in areas that get drifted in. We have a radar dome on the mountain and they have one to get the workers in and out when the roads get bad.

A guy and his wife that I used to work with bought an old used one to get in and out of their cabin. They used to park in a big lot next to the highway and use snowmobiles. One of their neighbors up there had an old full sized Bronco with a set of Tracks that he used.

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