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(Power Steering) Rush to Ouray

This is one mod I knew I wanted to do for the longest time. In fact, I had a tube and fin style cooler in my pile of parts. After seeing some possibilities with coolers and talking with some race shops (bad ideas), there's a lot of issues running just any old style. You may cause more problems than solve (in my opinion). The fact is, tube and fin have an oil passage to follow thru before the fluid can return (think of a path of least resistance). Plus fluid capacity is still limited to your OEM reservoir and you're using factory recommended Dex-III ATF.

1) Building my kit, I was able to choose the reservoir, lines, and cooler. I decided on a Derale unit for the value, but definitely would consider the Howe inline cooler instead. The design is much more well thought out, being ribbed instead of finned. This may allow you to run it in narrower places.

Both of these style heat sink coolers are single pass in-n-out and are a heat sink relying on pulling out the heat with the aluminum. I relate this to computer heat sinks which are solid chunks of ribbed metal instead of radiator style coolers with small fins that require air to pass through. The air cooling does help but the heat sink is in the larger direct fins.

2) Upping fluid capacity help aids in cooling since you're able to cycle through more fluid. In addition, the several aftermarket options offer an internal or external filter that will help keep your fluid cleaner. I spoke to a race shop and they don't bother with magnet filters like magnefilter. Filter media similar to engine oil filters work best.

The reservoir is heavy duty and huge. Fill up is about twice the capacity of the OE reservoirs. I converted to Swepco 715 power steering fluid[/URL]. There wasn't any really data in researching a new fluid other than finding PS fluid that is high paraffin base and Dexron-compatible if you plan to upgrade your system. Maybe someone could tell me more. I was worried that a non Dexron rated fluid would ruin the seals but I've ran the FJ under heavy conditions and the Swepco fluid under heavy conditions with no funny effects. The only recommendation is to use their flush kit with heavy duty mineral oil and remove all the old ATF that is abrasive. Swepco fluid is built to resist cavitation, anti foaming, aaaaand they run this on desert trophy trucks by some of the best in the industry.

Derale 13249 kit
Evil racing -6AN kit with 10ft hose and fittings
-10AN 45 or 90 degree fitting
PSC reservoir kit SR-146
1 yd of metal flat bar 1" width 3/16" thickness
1 plate of 3/16" thick 6x6"
M7x25mm x8 bolts/nuts/washers
M6x35mm x4 bolts/nuts/washers
Swepco flush kit (1 gallon flush oil, 3 quarts 715 PS fluid)

1. Lift the vehicle properly with the tires off the ground. You'll have to flush with the Swepco mineral oil flush. It's gallon sized. I did the whole gallon just in case and after the 3rd quart it was showing pretty clear. Pull the smaller hose from the reservoir and plug the reservoir with a 10mm cap. Put the hose into a catch can.

2. Remove the skids plates. Remove the stock reservoir and lines attached to the pump feed and steering rack return nipple.

3. Loosen the rack line brackets to remove the return line and passenger side 19mm subframe bolt. You'll be making two brackets to mount the heat sink. One will run off the middle PS line bolt and the other (offset L bracket) of the subframe bolt. For the Derale ports, I used one -6AN 45į and one -6AN straight port.

4. Mount the new reservoir and measure up the the brackets. I repurposed the previous reservoir bracket. You'll want to bend some Z-shaped brackets to hold the reservoir in a firm position. Vibration is not good for power steering reservoirs.

5. After everything is soft mounted, you can reuse the OEM rubber hose from the steering rack to the heat sink for the low pressure side or return line(straight port). For the out port of the heat sink, measure and cut the return line with the provided -6AN hose with approximately 2.25ft and attach 90į -6AN fitting.

I was able to reuse the OEM feed line from the larger reservoir port with a -10AN fitting to the power steering pump. Test fit the hose and you'll see that it's too long. Cut ~1" off of the rubber hose on the PS pump side and the lines will match up.

Now that all the hoses match and clamps and brackets are tightened, fill with Swepco 715. Turn the steering, lock to lock, with the tires off the ground and let it take in the new fluid. Flush the system with the the extra 3 quarts. Make sure all ports, adapters, and brackets are snug and you're ready to rock!

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